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Do you want to dive into The Inner Compass Process and receive support from experienced coaches and like-minded career changers or aspiring entrepreneurs, all at an affordable price? You don't have to navigate your career change or business launch alone. Join us today!

The Inner Compass Community
A group coaching program for experienced professionals who want to reignite the fire within 

— and identify more fulfilling careers or launch an aligned business through the support of coach-led community

Does this sound like you?

You're a leader (age 35+) who is successful in the conventional sense, but you've hit a wall in your career or business and often ask, "is this it?"

 You're sick of spinning your wheels trying to figure out your next steps through books, therapy, online assessments, or even working with other career or business coaches.

 You're open to digging deep and going back to childhood to rediscover the patterns that allow you to thrive and breakthrough what's holding you back to make fulfilling changes.

You want to bring your innate gifts to the world and contribute meaningfully, but your former identity is in the way, no longer serving you, and you are ready to embody a different way of operating.

 You want a career or business that allows you to:

Thrive in Your Zone of Genius/ Driving Talents

You may believe that your innate gifts from childhood may not have a place in the job market or your business — they absolutely do and they provide the avenue to develop expertise. By shifting your time and energy to have your innate gifts be the primary focus of your work, you can allow yourself to thrive in your career or business.

Connect With Your Deepest Motivation

You might be disconnected from your deepest motivations because your career or business has evolved to a place where they've become ignored. When we go back to childhood, we get to reconnect with our motivating drivers and make career or business decisions so they can be honored.

Live Your Core Values

You may be disillusioned by one of your previous employment experiences or your business. By reconnecting with your core values, you make better career and business decisions that are aligned with your motivations and needs.

Maximize the Best Use of Your Time and Skills

You may be burned out because you're over using one of your skill sets and underusing others. You want to maximize the skills that ignite you and minimize those that burn you out. 


Most of our clients find that when they give themselves permission to explore career and business options:

They find roles that better fit their personality— and workplaces that are aligned with their values, appreciate their talents, and compensate them for the value they bring

✧Or they have a clear business direction because they've explored who they are and what they need

How it works... first you'll get access to The Inner Compass Process Self-Paced Online  Course to assist with career and business direction

➜ 12 1-hour lessons, divided into bite-sized chunks that can be completed at your own pace

➜ 1 e-copy of the Inner Compass Process book

➜ Fillable worksheet to process your blinding flashes of the obvious, aha moments, and takeaways

➜ Common Career Pivots Guide with clickable links

➜ Access the course anywhere by downloading the Kajabi App on your phone 

Join our classes and online community to receive clarity, accountability, and support

➜Classes to change or pivot your career are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 7:15 PM- 8:30 PM EST

➜ Classes to start or realign your business are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7:15-8:30 PM EST and 4th Tuesday of the month from 12-1:15 PM EST

➜ If you're not able to join us live, watch the class replays at your convenience 

 ✧ What makes this community different?


 Assessments don't get to the heart of why you do what you do. This program uses your childhood and deep reflection as the doorway to understand what makes you feel alive and truly MOTIVATES you in your career or business.


This coaching program will not promise you your dream job or business because it might not be realistic in the job or business market. This program will help you identify opportunities that better meet your needs and circumstances.


You'll get crystal clear on whether you want to change your job, career, employer, industry, or start/realign your business. You'll learn strategies to build your network, tap the hidden job market, and design a roadmap of your next steps.


We pride ourselves on integrating psychology and career development in our approach — a unique combination of reflection, strategy, and cheerleading to help you make meaningful changes.

 How to Register


  • Step 1: Click here to begin your subscription.
  • Step 2: Click here to sign your coaching agreement
  • Step 3: Email us your coaching agreement and resume here. 
  • Step 4: To learn more about how to access the Community, online courses, and to add the meetings to your calendar, click here. 

By the end of the program, you will...

  • Recognize what is and isn’t working in your current position 
  • Understand what makes you feel alive and be able to bring that into your work
  • Know what’s holding you back and how to move forward
  • Identify the one or two innate talents that you should be paid for in your career or business
  • Understand the CONTRIBUTION you want to make through your career or business
  • Build a JOB FRAMEWORK to be able to quickly gage whether or not a job or business is a good fit 
  • Know which SKILLS you’ve mastered that will get you hired or that should be the focus of your business
  • Pinpoint whether you want to change your job, employer, career, industry, or start a business   
  • Become a detective, researcher, and master networker, and find strategies to test the waters so that you feel CONFIDENT in your new career or business direction
  • Create an ACTIONABLE PLAN for achieving your career or business goals 
  • Have a clear direction toward a more fulfilling career — or launch your business