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✧ Professional Development

The Challenge:

How many times have you sat through a keynote, workshop, or professional development training to walk away thinking it’s fluff? That’s because a lot of topics have been covered only to the extent of content marketing researched on the internet.

The Solution:

When we deliver these 30-minute to 2-hour offerings, our goal is to help your employees/participants understand topics at a deeper level. Whether your organization wants to help participants identify core drivers (and therefore increase motivation in the workplace), master storytelling for job interviews, reduce stress and increase mental health, or up-level their networking skills, our goal is to help them understand their personal psychology behind each topic.

We are experts at understanding how inner child psychology affects career and business development, and teaching somatic tools (connecting the mind/body) to improve mental health and foster better work-life alignment — and we present on these topics only. This ensures that we provide quality material based on groundbreaking research, that allows personal and professional growth.

We offer onetime or multi-day workshops, keynotes, trainings, or CEUs (Licensed Clinical Social Workers, National Counseling Association, and Career Development Associations) where we apply parts of the Inner Compass Process that apply to your audience's needs.

Examples of Our Most Popular Offerings:

Play Your Way to Clarity


Explore how play helps individuals and teams design meaningful careers which highlight one's personality, interests, and core drivers.

Benefits to the company: When we work with personality assessments like DISC, while they have their place, using play allows team members to get to know one another here and now. Team members get to see each person in their element, understand each other's personality, and what lets each individual thrive.

Networking 101 and Next Level Networking


From the novice networker to the networking ninja, we train participants to move beyond "Tell me about your job" to deeper relationship building and information gathering techniques. Participants can learn how to ask targeted questions to propel their careers forward and turn networking prospects into job interviews.

Benefits for the Company:

When employees understand networking and relationship building, they can use it to grow within the company (and thus enhance retention) and build invaluable business relationships that can help the company prosper. 

Self-Compassion is the New Fashion

Participants will identify the circumstances that lead to stress and anxiety. This is often manifested at work as lack of enthusiasm, retreating behaviors, irritability, hostility, and/or lower-quality work. Behind this stress and anxiety are unmet needs that drive this emotional behavior, and these needs require some attention. Participants will walk away with a practical tool to identify and manage stress while practicing self-compassion.

Benefits to the Company:

Many workshops focused on strategies to reduce stress, not the origin of what causes the stress.

Certain strategies might meet a person's needs, but without the reflection, it can be a Crapshoot.

Therefore, giving your employees the tools of reflection to recognize stress at its core allows for better self-management and for the company to implement policies and resources to meet the needs of their employees.

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✧ Workforce Development

The Challenge:

Many workforce development programs excel with job search programs because they can be facilitated as one-off workshops. However, it is harder to provide successful career direction programs because the self-discovery is a longer process that is rarely resolved through most assessments and some workforce development programs cannot offer this due to funding, staffing and time restraints.

The Solution:

We offer a self-paced online course, The Inner Compass Process, paired with workshops, keynotes, or trainings to be used in conjunction with your current programs to help your participants clarity their career direction.

The 3 Parts of the

Inner Compass Process: Rediscover | Research | Roadmap

Part 1: Rediscover

Participants will identify what make them feel alive, what holds them back, and what gives them a sense of fulfillment based on their childhood stories.

Part 2: Research

Participants will determine the changes they want to make — a new job, career, employer, industry, or starting a business. They will learn various strategies to build their network, tap the hidden job market, and ensure their career change is aligned with their needs.

Part 3: Roadmap

Participants will create a roadmap of next steps. Career roadmaps will include realistic goals, strategies to accomplish your goals, and tactics to overcome obstacles that might get in your way.

By the end, participants will:

  • Have a clear direction toward a fulfilling career and be well on their way to making a change
  • Understand what makes them feel alive and be able to bring that into their work
  • Know what's holding them back and how to move forward
  • Be able to quickly gauge whether or not a position is a good fit
  • Identify the one or two innate talents that they should be paid for in their career
  • Understand the CONTRIBUTION they want to make through their career
  • Be able to ENVISION their IDEAL DAY at work
  • Know which SKILLS they've mastered that will get them hired
  • Understand whether they want to change their job, employer, career, industry, their mindset at work, or start a business
  • Become detectives, researchers, and master networkers, and find strategies to test the waters so that they feel CONFIDENT in their new career direction
  • Create an ACTIONABLE PLAN for achieving their career goals
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✧ Internal Career/ Leadership Development

The Challenge:

Many companies struggle for various reasons to put best practices in place to support retention and/or leadership growth. According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) research, direct replacement costs can reach as high as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary. The Work Institute found that the largest indicator (21%) for employees leaving a company is the perception that there is no opportunity to grow in a preferred job and career.

The Solution:

We have found that if an employee feels a minimum of 60% alignment to their position, they will probably stay at the company. In our experience, it doesn't require much effort for the company or team to shift some roles and/or responsibilities to make this happen.

Whether you're looking to invest in your team to redefine their roles and/or responsibilities OR your corporation wants to map out career pathways for employees to pursue, studies have shown that creating an internal career development program can result in increased employee satisfaction and retention, which ultimately leads to profitability.

We typically facilitate the Inner Compass Process approach internal career development program over the course of two days.

The Inner Compass Process: Rediscover | Roadmap

Day 1: Rediscover

Participants will identify what makes them feel alive, what holds them back, and what gives them a sense of fulfillment based on their childhood stories.

Day 2: Roadmap

Participants will share their True North Guide/ Ideal Job description and work with their team to redefine their roles and process map out their current project functions — with the objective for each member to take on roles and responsibilities that are more fulfilling while meeting the needs and demands of the company.


  • Increased employee retention because employees and teams are more satisfied in their roles and they understand where they can grow within the company
  • Potentially a realignment of roles that were ambiguous at the beginning, while balancing keeping everyone engaged and invested moving forward
  • The creation of an ideal job description for each team member to maximize the skills that ignite them and minimize those that burn them out
  • A redesign of internal processes to match staffing and employee growth (employees do not need to be 90% thrilled with tasks, but one or two fulfilling ones go a long way to retention)
  • Instead of employees leaving the company entirely, they stay because they know they can get the experience they desire perhaps on their current team, a different team, or in a different department
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What Clients Say

"I would recommend Danielle as a presenter, facilitator and educator for any group or business environment."

Danielle gave a presentation for my Women of Denver networking group. Her facilitation skills are exemplary. She was able to engage the crowd with power, while creating a safe environment that encouraged conversation. When the group began to move off topic, she skillfully pulled us back on target to complete the presentation. I would recommend Danielle as a presenter, facilitator and educator for any group or business environment.

— Krystal Covington
Founder of Women of Denver

"The time you put into crafting such a wonderful, engaging presentation was evident and the feedback I’ve received has been glowing."

Thank you so much for presenting as part of our Speaker Spotlight series in March. The time you put into crafting such a wonderful, engaging presentation was evident and the feedback I’ve received has been glowing. Thank you again for all your outstanding work.

—Tim Webb
Manager of Programs
Mental Health America of Colorado

"There was a lots of great buzz after the event and you gave the group such great insights and takeaways."

Thank you for an educational and inspiring evening of college and career planning for our mothers and daughters. There was a lots of great buzz after the event and you gave the group such great insights and takeaways. We appreciate your willingness to work with NLC, Inc.

—Melissa Marks
National Charity League, Inc.

"You were so personable and the information you provided was very valuable."

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for speaking with my class last night! You were so personable and the information you provided was very valuable and really provided an excellent perspective for my students. I really appreciate your time and the work that you do with clients from a career counseling perspective. You were able to connect with the students and discuss your experiences as a licensed mental health professional and coach.

—Laura Fazio-Griffith
Associate Professor of Counseling
Southeastern Louisiana University

"Danielle brings a terrific blend of warmth, wisdom, and energy to her presentations."

Danielle brings a terrific blend of warmth, wisdom, and energy to her presentations. I was very impressed with how much material she covered in her LinkedIn Makeover session, while still making plenty of time for questions. She is a real gem.

—Joyce Fuestel
Business Owner

"Danielle and Keith were both dynamic and responsive speakers and let their expertise shine through."

Danielle Menditch Roessle, founder of Inner Compass Coach and Keith Bailey, Co-Founder of Articulated Intelligence, presented to our 905 Group "Professionals in Transition" career networking group on a volunteer pay-it-forward basis. Part of Danielle's and Keith's presentation was formal and well received and part was more of an informal question and answer session. They were both dynamic and responsive speakers and let their expertise shine through. They both took the time to assist each member as it was needed. Job transition can be rough for many and Danielle and Keith were sensitive to this and also provided pertinent (if not spectacular) visual materials to support and add value to the session. We thank Danielle and Keith for donating their time and would love to have back soon, as we feel the 905 Group can learn from her insights into career transition and the ever changing job market as it pertains to job seekers.

— Tom Kaufmann
905 Moderator

The Nuts and Bolts 

Who do we work with?

  • Corporations
  • Businesses
  • Workforce Development Centers
  • Nonprofits
  • Schools
  • Associations
  • Continuing Education Units Training Providers (CEUs)

How We Work

  • First schedule a complimentary consultation on the bottom of this page.
  • In our 20-minute call, we will discuss the needs of your organization.
  • We will follow up with a more detailed proposal.

Our Workshop/Keynote Formats

  • Time and duration:
    • E.g. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 75 minutes professional development workshops/keynotes/trainings
    • 2-Day internal career development programs
    • The Inner Compass Process Online Course paired with workshops/keynotes/trainings for workforce development
  • Format:
    • In-person, remote (online, conference call)
    • Webinar presentation, keynote speaker, training, video series, curriculum development, online courses

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