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The Inner Compass Course

Find your fulfilling career in 8 weeks!

In this robust course, you will dig deep and revisit your childhood to find a fulfilling career direction in 8 weeks. 

Included in the course:

  • Access to the Inner Compass Process Online Courses (valued at $2,500)
  • The True North Guide (valued at $14.95)
  • Skills Assessment (valued at $14.95)
  • Bonus Materials (valued at $687.97 value)

$3,217.87 $259.97 (you save $2,957.90) 

By the end, you will:

  • Understand what is and isn’t working in your current position
  • Have a clear direction toward a fulfilling career and be well on your way to making a change
  • Understand what makes you feel alive and be able to bring that into your work
  • Know what’s holding you back and how to move forward
  • Have a list of your non-negotiables so that you can quickly gauge whether a position is a good fit or not
  • Identify the one or two innate talents that motivate you and that you should be paid for in your career
  • Understand the contribution you want to make through your career
  • Be able to envision your ideal day at work
  • Know which skills you’ve mastered that will get you hired
  • Understand whether you want to change your job, employer, career, industry, your mindset at work, or start a business   
  • Become a detective, researcher, and master networker, and find strategies to test the waters so that you feel confident in your new career direction
  • Create an actionable plan for achieving your career goals

What People Are Saying:

The Inner Compass Process can help you tease out your core motivations that drive you and your mindsets. Understanding these mindset and how they manifests in different ways in your life is very valuable insight when trying to decide a career trajectory.

Davey Iverson, PMP

The Inner Compass Process was so helpful and provided much needed guidance during a difficult time. We should all take a minute out of our hectic lives to sit down and truly think about what we’re doing with our life and how we can take steps to improve it to find our true calling. A great investment!

Amanda Antosh, Social Media Strategist