Monthly classes to help you find and follow your inner compass


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You Are Meant to Contribute to the World. Let Your Inner Compass Lead the Way!


 Join this FREE monthly class where we'll experiment with exercises and techniques to help with self-connection, grounding, and following your inner compass.

The first Monday of the month from 7:30 to 8:30 PM EST/ 5:30 to 6:30 PM MST over Zoom

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The Benefits!

★ Feel more calm, joyful, and confident

★ Learn tools to ground and self-connect

★ Reduce anxiety, so that you can access your higher thinking

★ Gain personal and professional clarity

★ Bring more light and love to the world and contribute in a meaningful way

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What Participants Have to Say...

Connect With Your Higher Self.

Danielle will make you realize that you have a higher self within you that has the knowledge, wisdom and gratitude to help you out of any difficult situation. Words can’t even express how grateful I am for doing intuitive work. It was truly a difference maker for me. What you will gain from these sessions will help you now and in the future

— Abdul Hannan Malik
Associate Director of Network Development

Discover Your Truth.

Danielle’s ability to pull out things from deep inside that I inherently knew to be true but had somewhat suppressed was a guiding force in leading to some key revelations about myself. I can now take that insight and move forward confidently...

— Michael Souder
Senior Project Manager

Gain Confidence and Clarity.

The exercises challenged me to reflect on a deeper level, the personal experiences that have shaped who I am as an individual. Her guidance and insight helped me establish my goals and instilled in me the confidence to listen to my inner voice. 

— Courtney S.

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The Logistics

Monthly Emails

You will receive an email on Sunday sharing the required materials and Zoom link for our intuitive experiment.

You will also receive an email on Tuesday with the recording of the intuitive experiment, which will be available for 48 hours.

Facilitated Intuitive Experiments

60-minute sessions the first Monday of the month from 5:30-6:30 PM MST/ 7:30-8:30 PM EST. 

  • We start with a check-in to notice how you feel before the experiment begins. 
  • The experiments might include meditation, mindfulness exercises, walking, movement, guided imagery, rituals, ceremonies, and more!
  • We'll end the experiment with a check-in to notice how you feel after the experiment.
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  • Will you record the sessions?

    Yes, I'll send a replay by email, but it will only be accessible for 48 hours.

  • How long will you be doing these experiments?

    I don't know yet. As long as it feels intuitive to me 

  • Will you charge for the sessions?

    No. If you would like to donate to support, please click the button below. I appreciate your support!

  • I want to share this with others! What can I do?

    Please forward this website to others and share. You can also spread the word by sharing your review on Google (Denver), Google (DC)Yelp, or Facebook.  

  • I want to lead an intuitive experiment or I know someone who can lead it. How do I make this happen? 

    Please schedule a call here and let's make it happen!  

  • I have some questions or feedback. Can I contact you privately? 

    Absolutely! I'd love to hear from you. Please schedule a call here.

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Meet Your Facilitator


2020 was a rough year — I lost my grandmother to COVID-19, my business suffered from the economic downturn, and I struggled with a lack of clarity, anxiety, grief, and loss. 

Self-connection was my doorway to getting through COVID-19. By connecting to my intuition, I found more personal and professional clarity, freedom from anxiety and depression, and I'm able to bring more love and light to the world. I also know that it requires building a practice and committing to it regularly. 

This is why I've started a FREE monthly class to help you develop your intuition, where we will experiment with exercises and techniques to help with self-connection, grounding, and following your inner compass.

I hope you'll join me!

My qualifications

  • I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor for the National Career Development Association
  • I’ve presented at national career conferences on integrating meditation, mindfulness, and rituals and ceremonies into career counseling.
  • I've been a spiritual seeker since I was 16 years old and have participated in various meditation, intuition, spirituality, psychology and mindfulness trainings.
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Is The Intuitive Experiment for me?

 It is for you if…

  • You are open to experimenting
  • You are willing to be outside your comfort zone
  • You are open to digging deep and going back to your childhood to reconnect with the true you
  • You are determined to make a change even when it feels hard
  • You are willing to be open and vulnerable with others

 It’s not for you if…

  • You are not open to trying new things
  • You don't want to go outside your comfort zone
  • You do not like exploring your childhood
  • You are not willing to make the sessions a safe space (please note Inner Compass Coach is committed to supporting our diverse community)
  • You are not open and willing to change
  • You do not like being open and vulnerable with others)
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