In our experience, when people struggle with career dissatisfaction, it’s often because they are feeling disconnected from their inner drivers — creating dilemmas about how to move forward.

The best way to make aligned career and business decisions is to reconnect with your inner drivers and reclaim the parts of you that have been suppressed. This is called tapping your inner compass, which can be rediscovered by exploring childhood stories. This compass sets the pathway for a more fulfilling career, business, or corporate culture.

✧What We Do- 

Through individual and group career coaching, and career development training for companies, we teach the tools for individuals to identify the behavioral patterns that allow them to thrive, breakthrough the patterns that are holding them back, and through self-discovery, identify internal or external career pathways that lead to more satisfaction and alignment.


✧Why We Do It-

Traditional career counseling and assessments don't work for most people because they highlight generalities and don't go deep enough to make trustworthy team or personal decisions. Our approach integrates psychology and career development to help you understand your true motivations, what you do well (and should get paid for), and WHY you enjoy doing it, based on your life story.

✧Our Results-

97% of our individual and corporate coaching clients report that they have a better understanding of who they are, their Driving Talents and transferable skills, and a clearer picture of what they are seeking from their career or business. 90% of our individual coaching clients make a meaningful career change within one year, and companies retain employees for an average of 2 years after completing our program.

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Why I developed The Inner Compass Process and why you can trust it

Danielle Roessle, Inner Compass Coach, expert career coaching, job interview coaching, job search coaching, and leadership development, serving Denver, CO, Washington, DC, and the United States. Top rated and reviewed.

Dear Career Changers and Decision Makers,

I’m Danielle Roessle, LCSW, Therapist Specializing In Career and Workforce Development—and founder of Inner Compass Coach.

As a kid who was bullied, and a person who found myself stuck in my career back in 2012, it took me a deep investigation to understand that my childhood and career path were intrinsically linked.

I struggled because I was a career development professional when I was unhappy in my career, but was frustrated that assessments could not provide the answer to career satisfaction.

While assessments have their place (we use several in our practice) and can generalize one’s strengths and career options, they are limited because they told me what I already knew, ignored my deepest drivers, I couldn't connect the career suggestions to who I was and what I needed.

I began to look for answers by taking career development workshops, but even they didn't work until I had a greater understanding of inner childhood psychology. What I have learned is that the best way to find a career or business that's a better fit is to go back to the source of where your motivations developed- childhood.

Childhood is the doorway to show you what makes you feel alive, what holds you back, and what gives you a sense of contribution and fulfillment. Assessments cannot do this. 

For career changers, aspiring or current business owners, or teams, Inner Compass Coach not only strives to assist with career pathway planning through using childhood memories, we aim for a holistic approach that includes teaching somatic tools (mind/body) to help reduce stress and foster better work-life alignment when navigating transition.

If you want a deep, solutions-oriented process to clarify your direction, support with career pathway planning, or promote positive mental health as you navigate change — all based on reliable processes, check out our offerings below to see if our approach would be a good fit.

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