Every business owner has a limited amount of energy for life and for business. When we are fueled by our work, it's because our work is aligned with our true selves. When someone is struggling with their business, it's most often because either: 1) The business no longer energizes them or helps them grow; 2) Or the business was never aligned with their core drivers in the first place.
For business owners, what fuels us changes because our identities evolve. Our business identity evolves as well. The key to business success is to stay aligned with our true selves and to assesswhere our business fits in.

-Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP

The Inner Compass Process
A 3-month intensive program that uses childhood stories to identify the core drivers in business owners who want to — start the right business, OR existing owners to re-align their business.

Does this sound like you?

 You want to start a business, but you're not sure what business to start  — perhaps you waiver back and forth (and dislike that you appear all over the place), anticipating that all choices will fail.

 You have an existing business, but you're not feeling passion or excitement for it anymore. If anything, you think about giving it up and doing something else.

Your business is scaling quickly, which is forcing a realignment of your role, while balancing keeping your team engaged and invested moving forward.

You have an existing business, but your offerings do not energize you and you feel you need to redefine your wheelhouse and how it matches the market.

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 You want a business that allows you to:

Thrive in Your Zone of Genius/ Driving Talents

You may believe that your innate gifts from childhood may not have a place in your business. They absolutely do and they are essential to drive your business to the next level — they provide the motivation and avenue to develop expertise. By shifting your time and energy to have them be the primary focus of your work, so your business can thrive. 

Connect with your deepest motivation

You might be disconnected from your deepest motivations because your business or career has evolved to a place where they've become ignored.  When we go back to childhood, we get to reconnect with our motivating drivers and make business decisions so they can be honored for years to come.

Live Your Core Values

You may be disillusioned by your previous employer or business because your needs have been ignored. If motivation is the reason you do something, values are the avenues for which you execute your motivations. By reconnecting with your core values, you make better business decisions that are aligned with your motivations and best business direction.

Maximize the Best Use of Your Time and Skills

You may be burned out because you're overusing one of your skillsets and underusing others. You want to (re)structure your business for you and your team to maximize the skills that ignite you and minimize those that burn you out. 

We're here to help you start a business or fall in love with your business again.  

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Most of our clients find that when they give themselves permission to explore their business options:

✧They make business choices that result in profitability because they monetize the best use of their (and their team's) time and talents and close their business gaps

✧They have a clear business direction because they've explored who they are and what they need

✧They shift their own roles and their team's roles to better fit everyone's personality

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 Client Results

Establish a clear direction for your business venture 

I was at a turning point in my career and Danielle helped me establish a clear direction for my new business venture. The coaching process was incredibly beneficial and helped to shed light on driving factors going all the way back to childhood. Highly recommend her services!

—Hannah Johnson
Chef and Founder, ByJayne, LLC

Your business can provide you what you're looking for

Working with Danielle has reinvigorated my entrepreneurial spirit! I found myself at a crossroads with my career as a small business owner. I was contemplating a career change to do something different, I was stuck in neutral. I sought professional help to find a path for me to head down. Danielle showed me the path by helping me understand my values, passions and to re-learn what motivates me. I realized that my own business can provide what I'm looking for. I'm now on my own path to a more fulfilling work life, thanks to Danielle's guidance.

—James Beram
Beram Plan Management

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What Makes Us Different?


✧ Our Signature System, The Inner Compass Process


Rediscover | Reconnect | Roadmap


 Assessments don't get to the heart of why you do what you do. This program uses your childhood as the doorway to understand what makes you feel alive and truly MOTIVATES you in your business.


This coaching program will not promise you your dream business because it might not be realistic with the market. This program will promise to help you start a business or shift your business, so it honors your needs and circumstances.


You'll get crystal clear on your identity and your business identity. You'll learn strategies to test the waters regarding your next business move and design a roadmap of your next steps.


We pride ourselves on integrating psychology and career development in our approach — a unique combination of reflection, strategy, and cheerleading to help you make meaningful changes. 

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The Nuts and Bolts of this 3 Month Intensive Program

Homework through Our Online Library

You will have approximately 3-hours of homework a week.

Weekly Individual Business Coaching 

Meet 1:1 with one of our expert business consultants via Zoom or phone.

Meet for 8 weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, then transition to 15-minute accountability calls.

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 More Client Results


The Inner Compass Process was transformational 

Working with the Inner Compass Process was transformational in helping me move from a place of mental stuckness and inaction to one of mental clarity and action both personally and professionally. Revisiting my early childhood memories and other memories from my life so far helped me hone in on my values, what brings me joy, and what drains me; this insight served as the bedrock for helping me move forward with making a career change. Danielle's model is at the forefront of her field in combining the wisdom of clinical mental health and career health to help people build more meaningful careers and lives. When you finish with the Inner Compass Process, you will walk away with a flexible blueprint you can revisit time and time again to help guide you on future professional changes.

—Jess Gottlieb
Therapist, Jessica Gottlieb, LCPC, LLC

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Meet Your Business Coach

Danielle Roessle, Founder, Executive Career and Business Coach

Why You Should
Work With Me

  • I’m a trained therapist who can support you through navigating the difficulties of your unique business transition.
  • I’ve been a career and business coach for over a decade and have worked with hundreds of clients in my private practice alone. I promise I’ll be real with you about the risks and rewards of executing decisions based on your new self-awareness and business research. 
  • I’m INTUITIVE as heck and I know what to say and just how to say it to support you in weighing options and evaluating decisions.
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 More Client Results

Reconnect with your Inner Self and Identify Your True Calling 

You may call it the mid-life crisis, but I started to question myself on what I would like to do when I retire from my current job. I asked myself that question and the answer was a confusion of ideas, like a giant puzzle. The Inner Compass Process unique methodology helped me reconnect with my inner self and identify what my true calling for my next career step. 

—Berthe Stempfer
Founder, Nuancer Coaching


Move to new truths about how you should apply your passions, talents and energy

When I wasn't feeling good about the obvious next steps in my career, I knew I needed help or I would continue to spiral. Danielle's combination of tried and true process, knowledge base, quick and deep insight, and easing personality moved me quickly to new truths about how I should be applying my passions, talents and energy. She has not only helped me create a plan of how to make the change, but also is introducing me to individuals and resources to support my long-term business success.  

—Kate Peabody
Founder, KaptivateMe

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By the end of this program, you will...

  • Understand what is and isn’t working in your current career or business
  • Have a clear direction toward a fulfilling business and be well on your way to making meaningful and effective changes
  • Understand what makes you feel alive and be able to bring that into your business
  • Know what’s holding you back and how to move forward
  • Be able to make informed business decisions because you're aligned with your values
  • Identify the one or two innate talents that you should be paid for in your business
  • Understand the CONTRIBUTION you want to make through your business
  • Be able to ENVISION your IDEAL DAY at work
  • Know which SKILLS you’ve mastered that will be the focus in your business
  • Become a detective, researcher, and master networker, and find strategies to test the waters so that you feel CONFIDENT in your business direction
  • Create an ACTIONABLE PLAN for achieving your business goals
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 More Client Results

Do something more fulfilling than ever before

Danielle is wonderful at what she does. She helped me find my path and feel confident in my decisions. My work is more fulfilling than ever before. I send everyone I know that needs career or business guidance to her without hesitation.

—Katie Lyon
Founder, Katie Lyon Consulting

Get over the hump

Danielle really helped me in assessing what my second act career would look like. After years in the same industry, I was feeling stuck and needed the specific process that Danielle has to get me over the hump. I loved that her model includes specific processes and a timeline that allows the client to understand the beginning, middle, and end. ​

—Sonia D.
Next Steps for Success Consulting

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