The challenge of starting the right business or realigning your existing one often stems from a disconnection with one's inner drivers, resulting in uncertainty about the path forward. The key lies in reconnecting with those drivers, a process known as tapping into your inner compass, which can be rediscovered through childhood memories. This compass paves the way for your business direction.

- Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP

✧What I Do- 

Through individual coaching, I empower (aspiring) entrepreneurs with the tools to recognize behavioral patterns that allow them to thrive, breakthrough the patterns that are holding them back, and through self-discovery, identify business opportunities that lead to more satisfaction and alignment.


✧Why I Do It-

Most assessments and generic business programs don't work for most people because they highlight generalities and don't go deep enough to make trustworthy decisions. My approach integrates psychology and career development to help you understand your true motivations, what you do well (and should get paid for in your business), and WHY you enjoy doing it, based on your life story.

✧My Results-

97% of my clients report that they have a better understanding of who they are, their Driving Talents and transferable skills, and a clearer picture of what they are seeking from their career or business. 70% of my clients (re)launch their business within 6 months, while an additional 20% leverage their self-discovery and my decade-plus experience as a career coach to navigate their fit within the workforce.

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Why I developed The Inner Compass Process and why you can trust it

Danielle Roessle, Inner Compass Coach, expert career coaching, job interview coaching, job search coaching, and leadership development, serving Denver, CO, Washington, DC, and the United States. Top rated and reviewed.

Dear Entrepreneurial Seeker,

In 2012, I found myself at a career crossroads. Despite my background in career development, I had launched two uninspiring businesses, and my nonprofit job had lost its grant funding.

Assessments reiterated what I already knew, and while business trainings taught fundamentals, they lacked the capacity to guide my direction. 

I embarked on the journey of discovering my life's purpose and next steps by participating in career workshops and psychology trainings.

During one of these workshops, I confronted my experience of being bullied as a child and I found that the blueprint for designing a fulfilling career that would guide the right business venture had been inside of me all along, hiding in my childhood memories. These memories became the catalyst for transforming my pain into a driving purpose.

The experience of being bullied sparked a deep desire for connection and belonging within me. This longing has shaped my career path, where I thrive in fostering profound connections for individuals to discover themselves and find belonging through their business.

I left my nonprofit job to start Inner Compass Coach in 2014 and have helped hundreds of clients find career or business fulfillment by exploring their childhood memories.

Childhood serves as a profound guide, revealing what energizes us, what holds us back, and what brings us fulfillment. These insights act as a compass, aiding in making aligned decisions — from choosing the right profitable business to effectively operating within it.

If you seek a deep, solutions-oriented process to start the right business or realign your business—all based on leading research in psychology, career, and business development—check out my offerings below to see if my approach would be a good fit.

Offering Business Discovery and Career Change Services 

Career Coaching for Mid-Career Professionals to Executive Leaders

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Coaching to Start the Right Business or Re-Align Your Business

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Career Development Workshops, Keynotes, & Trainings

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Coaching to Launch New Offerings or Your New Service-Based Business

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