Let's tap your inner compass to guide you toward a more fulfilling career and your potential as a leader.

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Our Mission- We believe in transformation from the inside out. We help senior, principal and executive leaders who have hit a wall in their career, reignite the fire within, make fulfilling career changes, and step into their potential. 

Our Vision- A world where everyone has a sense of belonging, can make a meaningful impact, and thrive.

Meet Danielle Roessle, Founder of Inner Compass Coach

Danielle Roessle, Inner Compass Coach, expert career coaching, job interview coaching, job search coaching, and leadership development, serving Denver, CO, Washington, DC, and the United States. Top rated and reviewed.

I’m Danielle Roessle, LCSW, Executive Career and Leadership Coach, and founder of Inner Compass Coach.

Whether you’re trying to make a meaningful career change, prepare for a job interview, or step into your potential as a leader, our team will help you get to know you again

When you work with us, you will DIG DEEP using childhood as the doorway to understand your core beliefs, values, and motivating talents. Together, we’ll create a roadmap to ACHIEVE your goals and make FULFILLING personal and professional changes.


Career Coaching for Mid-Career to  Executive Leaders

We offer a 3-month signature system to help you discover what you're meant to do, the contribution you want to make to the world, and a fulfilling and financially rewarding career to pay you for it.

Change Your Career

Leadership Coaching

Join this six-month mastermind so that you can thrive from 9 to 5. Transform from the inside out by fostering a playfully curious mindset, developing healthy habits, building meaningful relationships, and taking intentional action.

Lead Authentically

Job Interview Preparation & Coaching

Learn to tell hire-worthy stories and master your job interviewing skills in a week through our online course. Transform to a more confident interviewer and impactful public speaker.

Nail your job interviews


Read The Inner Compass Process to CLARIFY YOUR CAREER CHANGE by digging into your childhood memories and learning what makes you THRIVE.