After a decade of working as a career coach, I've found that leaders who feel stuck in their career are dealing with negative patterns that they don’t know how to shift. The trick to career alignment is through an introspective process that helps you choose career opportunities that reinforce the patterns that are fulfilling.

-Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP

✧ Career Coaching in Denver and DC

Individual and group coaching programs for mid-career professionals and executive leaders that uses childhood stories to reignite the fire within and identify more fulfilling and financially rewarding career pathways.

Does this sound like you?

You're a mid-career to executive leader who is successful in the conventional sense, but you've hit a wall in your career and often ask, "is this it?"

You're sick of spinning your wheels trying to figure out your next steps through books, therapy, online assessments, or even working with other career coaches.

You're open to digging deep and going back to childhood to rediscover the patterns that allow you to thrive and breakthrough what's holding you back to make fulfilling career changes.

You want to bring your innate gifts to the world and contribute meaningfully, but your former career identity is in the way, no longer serving you, and you are ready to take on a new one.

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You want a career that allows you to:

Thrive in Your Zone of Genius/ Driving Talents

You may believe that your innate gifts from childhood may not have a place in the job market. They absolutely do — let's tap them and help you get paid for them.

Make a Meaningful Contribution

You may believe the only way to make a meaningful impact is to work at a nonprofit. We'll define what doing good means to you, so you can make a meaningful impact, personally or professionally.

Live Your Core Values

You may be disillusioned by one of your previous employment experiences. Not only can your core values align with a future employer, they are your guide toward finding the right employer.

Maximize the Best Use of Your Time and Skills

You may be burned out because you're overusing one of your skill sets and under using others. You want to maximize the skills that ignite you and minimize those that burn you out.

We're here to help! You don't have to make a career change alone.

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Most of our clients find that when they give themselves permission to explore career options, they find roles that better fit their personality—and workplaces that are aligned with their values, appreciate their talents, and compensate them for the value they bring.

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Career Coaching Results

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What Makes Us Different?

Our Signature System, The Inner Compass Process

Rediscover | Research | Roadmap


Assessments don't get to the heart of why you do what you do. This program uses your childhood as the doorway to understand what makes you feel alive and truly MOTIVATES you in your career.


This coaching program will not promise you your dream job because it might not be realistic in the job market. This program will promise to help you find something much better that honors your needs and circumstances.


You'll get crystal clear on whether you want to change your job, career, employer, industry, or start a business. You'll learn strategies to build your network, tap the hidden job market, and design a roadmap of your next steps.


We pride ourselves on integrating psychology and career development in our approach — a unique combination of reflection, strategy, and cheerleading to help you make meaningful changes.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Individual or Group Coaching

Instant Access to Our Online Library

This includes COMPREHENSIVE video lessons and worksheets that you will complete to clarify your career direction.

Virtual Individual Coaching

In addition to the course materials, you will get 1-hour coaching sessions, and 15-minute accountability calls, depending on the coaching package you choose.

Virtual Group Coaching

➜ Classes to change or pivot your career are held twice per month

➜ Classes to start or realign your business are held twice per month

➜ Classes to teach you the tools to improve your mental health and to foster better work-life alignment as you navigate transition are held twice per month

➜ Participate in our online community to track your progress, share your successes, and to receive the support of other members in the community

➜ If you miss a class, you can access the replay through our online community

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More Coaching Results

Find your inner compass

My experience with Danielle was life changing. Having completed her program, there is no doubt that my strengths, talents and what I find fulfilling, is imperative to happiness in life and work. She has great active listening skills and intuition and really helps guide her clients to discovering their best selves. Danielle has a format, a methodology to finding "your inner compass" and it works.

—Lauren R..

Discover what makes you tick

Danielle helped me to discover what makes me tick, reconnect with my passions, and discover how my skills and passions could be applied at the next stop on my career path. I left my sessions with a sense of clarity and comfort in my job search, as well as techniques, knowledge and resources I could apply.

—Joshua W.
Attorney Advisor

Feel hopeful and inspired 

I always left my zoom meetings with Hunter, feeling so hopeful and truly inspired! I remember telling her on one of our first sessions, that I always felt so good after talking with her, that I wanted to do what she did! I told her that I wanted to be someone's Hunter; the reason someone smiled again, found their confidence and felt hopeful for a better future, after coming from a place of negativity and defeat. Even though I said this early on, it didn't hit me until much later in the game, that my true passion was in coaching.

Never in a million years would I have come into this program thinking I'd have the skills or bravery to leave the corporate world and start my own coaching business, but that is exactly what I am in the process of doing! 

—Jen Clark
Nutrition Coach


Manifest your perfect career 

I had been in the medical sales industry for 15 years and felt lost and unsure if I wanted to continue that career path. Danielle helped me realize what my true passions are, what my priorities are, and what I'm good at.

Danielle helped me to manifest my perfect career.

... a few months after I ended my sessions, I took the leap and created a career that has given me my life back, and that I truly enjoy!

—Kelly Caffe
Director of Sales

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Meet Our Coaching Team

Danielle Roessle, Founder, Executive Career and Leadership Coach

Why You Should
Work With Me

  • I’m a trained therapist who can support you through navigating the difficulties of your unique transition.
  • I’ve been a career coach for over a decade and have worked with hundreds of clients in my private practice alone. I promise I’ll be real with you about what careers will pay and what you can realistically expect in your transition.
  • I’m INTUITIVE as heck and I know what to say and just how to say it to support you in weighing options and evaluating decisions.

Hunter Dickson, Certified Career and Job Search Consultant

Why You Should
Work With Me

  • I have firsthand experience with this process! I know the Inner Compass Process from both sides of the table, which allows me to help provide a unique perspective for you as we move forward together.
  • For those struggling with figuring out their next step in life, I provide a PERSONALIZED CARING EXPERIENCE to help you feel confident about your plan moving forward.
  • I am a natural born problem solver and can help you sort through the pieces of your life to find the best picture for your future.
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More Client Results

I received the tools I needed to fly

Working with Inner Compass Coach was a game-changer. I love the thorough stepwise plan - which ultimately led me to my dream job. I came to Inner Compass Coach self-employed and wanting to find a new career and I received the tools I needed to fly.

—Lauren Condell
Director of Product Marketing

A better understanding of myself and what drives me

"I LOVED the process of working with Inner Compass Coach. I went into the process looking for some clarity on where I wanted to take my career. I knew I wanted to do something different, but didn't know WHAT. I really enjoyed that Inner Compass had a really specific approach to our exercises, and a concrete process to get to a conclusion. I love where ended up, and I'm SO excited to move forward and chase my (much clearer) now career path!"

—Erin Randall
Senior Manager, PMP

Reconnect with your Inner Self and Identify Your True Calling

For a while now, I've been looking for a fulfilling career, rather than just a job. I have also been sidetracked by seeing what my friends and colleagues have moved on to do and that narrowed my vision on what I thought I should be doing. Working with Danielle, however, helped me understand my narrative - what the circumstances were that drove me to find satisfaction in my previous careers. With a better understanding of myself and what intrinsically drives me, I've been able to identify a career that I believe I will find fulfilling.

—Stephan Ahn
Lead Advisor


Discover your motivating talents

Last fall, I went through a career coaching process with Inner Compass Coach. I was very intrigued with their premise that how I liked to play as a child would guide me to a new career path.

Through guided video instruction and targeted reflection questions, I reminisced on how I played both as a child and now as an adult. I discovered that two of my motivating talents are creating and problem solving. It's those two innate talents that I loved using as a teacher, that I missed using as a data coordinator, and that I will love using again in my next career as an instructional designer.

The Inner Compass Coaching process--guided by eight sessions with my wonderful personal coach, Hunter Dickson, was ultimately magical in how it pointed me clearly in the direction of my next career.


—Jessica Taylor
Instructional Designer

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By the end of the program, you will...

  • Recognize what is and isn’t working in your current position
  • Understand what makes you feel alive and be able to bring that into your work
  • Know what’s holding you back and how to move forward
  • Identify the one or two innate talents that you should be paid for in your career
  • Understand the CONTRIBUTION you want to make through your career
  • Build a JOB FRAMEWORK to be able to quickly gage whether or not a position is a good fit
  • Know which SKILLS you’ve mastered that will get you hired
  • Pinpoint whether you want to change your job, employer, career, industry, your mindset at work, or start a business   
  • Become a detective, researcher, and master networker, and find strategies to test the waters so that youfeel CONFIDENT in your new career direction
  • Create an ACTIONABLE PLAN for achieving your career goals 
  • Have a clear direction toward a more fulfilling career
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More Success Stories

Understand What Motivates You

This program was great because it really makes you take a look at yourself closely and understand what motivates you. I’d been struggling a lot in jobs that just didn’t fulfill me but thanks to working with Danielle, I now know what kind of work keeps me motivated and what kind of work I enjoy. This was money well spent! If you’re struggling to find that next step in your career I highly recommend the Inner Compass Process!

—Daniel Martinez
Product Manager

Find out What Makes you Fulfilled

Danielle is amazing. I have tried mentor groups, bought books, CDs, coaches, and I have never had the level of clarity and certainty as I did after working with Danielle. You will learn the exact roles that fit you in your career, and how to evaluate different career paths all based on the foundation for what you truly need to be happy, fulfilled and ultimately successful. I cannot say enough about how valuable the experience was for me.

—Allen Linville
Franchising Coach

Gain Valuable Networking Skills

Danielle's approach to helping me figure out my best path as I transitioned careers was right-on. Danielle is a great and wise listener. Additionally, my networking skills went through the roof as a result of my time working with Danielle.

After working with Danielle, I took a risk on a seven-month program in data science and ended up with three competitive job offers. I couldn't have done it without her.

—Jess T.
Marketing Analyst

See the Possibilities!

Danielle's thoughtful & unique approach really helped me redirect my approach to my career.  Prior to working with her, I felt stuck and could not see how my skills could be transferrable in another industry. I now see many possibilities!

—Rachel Sax Ramos
Product Director

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