Are you frustrated with generic business advice that has failed to guide you to your launch date or has steered you off course in creating a business that truly mirrors your authentic self? You've come to the right place.

-Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP

‚úßBusiness Coaching to Launch New Offerings or Start Your New Service-Based Business

A personalized coaching program that uses reflection, play, and experimentation for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their new service-based business or experienced business owners aiming to launch an authentic business aligned with their identity, strengths, and viability in the market. 

What Makes this Program Different:

Not Generic Business Advice

Numerous plug-and-play business programs, fixated on scaling or achieving a specific launch figure, often overlook your individuality, leading to misaligned business strategies. Let's leverage your identity and strengths to launch an authentic, aligned business, employing strategies tailored for success in the market.

Make Work Feel More Like Play

As a business owner, you possess the ability to create your own rules. Chances are, you ventured into entrepreneurship for the freedom it offers, steering clear of the 9-to-5 grind. Let's embark on launching an aligned business where sales, marketing, systems, customer service, and more feel like enjoyable, playful endeavors rather than obligatory tasks.

Capitalize on Your Strengths and Talents 

Building a business that harnesses your strengths and talents increases the likelihood of follow-through and reduces the risk of burnout. Enjoying what you do and excelling at it, rather than doing what you think you should, is key. Let's design a business that aligns with your strengths and talents across all facets, setting you up for success.

Take Intentional Action

Receive step-by-step guidance on essential business topics, spanning from crafting your elevator pitch using your unique story to¬†breaking down your thought processes¬†to develop a distinctive signature system¬†‚ÄĒ ensure each element aligns with your identity while testing your materials in the market to guarantee their effectiveness.

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✧ My Signature System for Launching New Offerings or Your  New Service-Based Business:


Reflect on who you are, what you bring to the table, and your playstyle. Use your self-reflection to define your avatar client, customize products/services to meet their specific needs while aligning with yours, and strategize competitive pricing that reflects the unique value you provide.


Break down your thought processes to craft your signature system, showcasing your expertise. Elevate your thought leadership to build your website and guide your marketing strategy. Additionally, establish seamless systems for an excellent client experience that not only ensures their return but also encourages referrals.


Build client and referral partner relationships that feel like your tribe. Learn to transform sales into exchanges of mutual value rather than transactional processes. Plan for a successful launch or relaunch that resonates with your unique business identity, ensuring authenticity and brand consistency in every aspect of the launch.

‚ěú I'm on parental leave until 05/15/24. Please click here to schedule a consultation upon my return.

Meet Your Small Business Coach

Danielle Roessle, Inner Compass Coach

Danielle Roessle, Business Discovery and Launch Coach

I have been in career development since 2012, accumulating a decade + of valuable experience during which both my business and I have evolved. 

Throughout this journey, I have collaborated with various coaches across multiple programs, all aimed at guiding entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their businesses. One common oversight that I've observed is the excessive reliance on generic templates and plug-and-play systems. While these approaches may yield results, they often overlook the unique qualities of each entrepreneur, leading them down a path to business misalignment.

I have personally encountered the challenges of launching and scaling a business that feels misaligned with who I am, resulting in a sense of stuckness and eventual burnout.

Drawing from my background as a trained therapist, I've recognized the power of personal reflection in developing offerings and systems based on individual strengths. Both myself and my business have thrived when approached from this perspective, and I am dedicated to offering you the same transformative experience.

My personalized approach ensures that your implementation of offerings, systems, sales, marketing, and client success aligns seamlessly with your unique style and personality.

Remember, the decision to leave the 9 to 5 was driven by a desire for freedom and success. Together, let's explore and define what running your business on your own terms truly means.

Through our collaboration, you can launch a business or new service lines that not only speaks to who you are and prevents burnout, but also witness the fruits of your efforts thriving in the market.

‚ěú I'm on parental leave until 05/15/24. Please click here to schedule a consultation upon my return.

My Business Launch Program Can Help You...

  • Launch your aligned and fulfilling business built on a foundation of your authentic identity
  • Define offerings that energize you¬†and develop¬†effective language to describe¬†them to your target markets
  • Develop valuable intellectual property, such as books or signature systems, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry with unique insights
  • Build a business website that incorporates your thought leadership¬†allowing your business stand out, inspiring potential customers to take action
  • Craft a well-structured business model that leverages your strengths and leads to sustainable growth
  • Test and validate your ideas to ensure they are market-ready and meet the demands of your potential customers
  • Determine the right pricing for your products and services, striking a balance between profitability and competitiveness in the market
  • Learn effective strategies to land your first few customers,¬†building a solid foundation for your business growth
  • Use storytelling to craft your compelling elevator pitch, enabling you to skillfully share what you do and encouraging listeners to refer prospects your way
  • Establish seamless systems from onboarding to delivering exceptional service and garner rave reviews
  • Plan for your launch or relaunch day to celebrate you and the work that you do¬†
‚ěú I'm on parental leave until 05/15/24. Please click here to schedule a consultation upon my return.