Q: How do you find a fulfilling career?

A: Go back to your childhood.


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Danielle Roessle’s The Inner Compass Process takes you back to your childhood memories to help you rediscover the one or two natural gifts that you should be paid for in your work.

You will come away with a clear career direction that's based on your innate talents, values, skills, and core motivations.

When you read the Inner Compass Process book, you will learn how to...

Make Work Feel Like Play

Do you find yourself in an endless cycle of work, TV, sleep, and back to work? By reconnecting to your childhood play,  you will learn how to weave more joy into your work and your life. Get ready to feel revitalized - even before changing careers.

Get Paid Well for What You Do Best (and Love to Do)

You will discover your Driving Talents, or your innate abilities that you should be paid for in your job. You've been doing them for your entire life, but you may have completely overlooked them because they come so naturally to you.  

Make the Career Change That's Right for You

When you understand your core values, your needs, and what you love to do, you will clearly see what type of shift you need to make in your work. (Spoiler Alert: It's not necessarily a huge career change!)

Danielle’s approach and framework was groundbreaking for me. She helped quickly uncover areas why I was stuck and help find a practical way forward. I got smarter about what my values are within my life and career and read job descriptions with a lot more discernment.

—Elizabeth Lindow
Business consultant

Danielle's process helps tease out the real core motivations that drive people and their mindsets. Understanding these mindsets and how they manifest in different ways in your life is very valuable insight when trying to decide a career trajectory.

—Davey Iverson

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Connect the dots to your fulfilling career.

The Inner Compass Process will guide you to connect the dots between your past, present, and future—to tell the important stories that provide insight into who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.

You will come away with a well-calibrated inner compass that directs you to career options that serve your deepest needs, make use of your Driving Talents, and keep you feeling your best.


Meet the Author

Danielle Roessle, LCSW

9 years ago, when working as a career counselor for high school students, Danielle realized that she didn't feel fulfilled in her career.

She began the journey of looking for her "life's purpose" and "career calling."

She didn't discover her "life's purpose" - but she did find that the answers to a fulfilling career had been inside of her all along, hiding in her childhood memories. 

Since then, Danielle has taken over 450 clients on their own path to career fulfillment using the Inner Compass Process. 

Today is your day to begin your own journey.