Hi, I'm Danielle. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Career and Business Discovery Coach, I specialize in crafting courses, writing books, and coaching leaders like yourself.

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Clear Your Career Confusion Mini Course

1. Identify surprising sources of burnout (you might be surprised by the real culprits).

2. Uncover what's been lacking in your career using the four career non-negotiables.

3. Decide if you're ready to switch jobs, industries, or start a business based on your insights.

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Play Your Way to Career Clarity Mini Course 

1) Rediscover unmet interests within your work.

2) Uncover and embrace your innate motivating gifts, aligning them with your professional path.

3) Identify transformative changes for enhanced personal and professional fulfillment.

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Master Storytelling for Job Interviews Mini Course

1. Learn how to avoid three common job interview mistakes.

2. Transform boring interview responses into captivating storytelling arcs with the SARM technique.

3. Dive into the powerful SEARCH, SHAPE, SHARE storytelling method for powerful interview responses.

Level up your interview game today!

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Books and Courses

The Inner Compass Process Course

$39 / month (cancel anytime)

A self-paced online course that reignites your fire within by using childhood memories — and helps you identify more fulfilling and financially rewarding career pathways.

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The Inner Compass Process Book 

$26 on Amazon

"The Inner Compass Process Book" taps into childhood memories to unveil your innate gifts and guide your career change. Uncover a clear career direction rooted in your natural talents, values, skills, and motivations.

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Master Storytelling for Job Interviews Course

$99 for Lifetime Access

In this robust online course you will learn job interview techniques to search, shape, and share your stories for maximum impact so that you nail your next job interview.

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