Master Storytelling for Job Interviews:

Learn to Tell Hire-Worthy Stories in Less Than a Week

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Do you struggle in job interviews?

Do you STRUGLE WITH WHAT TO SAY IN INTERVIEWS and freeze up once you're in the hot seat? Do you practice for what seems like forever and TRY TO MEMORIZE YOUR RESPONSES, BUT IT JUST DOESN'T WORK? 

Do you...

  • Fumble over your words?

  • Make it through a few rounds only to be passed over for another candidate?

  • GET NERVOUS when you're put on the spot?

  • Struggle to respond to questions such as tell me about yourself, what is your biggest weakness, and why should we hire you?

  • Hear yourself BLABBING on and on without being able to stop?

  • Feel like your personality isn't coming out in your interviews?

  • Find it hard to create a connection with the interviewer?

  • Struggle to know what an interviewer is looking for in a response?
  • Experience a brain fart when you're in the hot seat?

Get ready to...

  • Feel excellent interview responses roll off your tongue


  • Instantly recall stories to impress your interviewers

  • Know what to say and how to respond to common interview questions

  • Share specific examples that showcase how truly awesome you are

  • Have your personality come through during an interview

  • Connect with the interviewer

  • Understand what the interviewer is looking for in a response
  • Experience clarity, confidence and calmness when you're in the hot seat

Get ready to nail your job interview!

★  Tell stories that make you memorable, relatable—and best of all—hired

★  Feel more at ease and confident answering questions

★  Enjoy your job interviews because you get to share your stories

The Course


Let's Talk Storytelling

  • Fall in love with storytelling when you learn how powerful it is in connecting with interviewers
  • Understand the psychology of how storytelling makes you memorable 
  • Learn how to use proprietary story game boards to help you instantly think of compelling stories in interviews

Tap Into Your Bottomless Story Well

  • Learn to recall stories instantly using just one word
  • Hone your stories as you retell them, making them more impactful every time
  • Uncover long forgotten stories so that you're bringing relevant examples to your job interview

Think Like a Hiring Manager

Hear insider stories from HR managers and find out:

  • The best interview responses
  • Red flags that make them immediately move on from an interviewee
  • Interview dos and don'ts
  • What they look for in a candidate

Map Out Your Interview Stories

  • Learn how to tell impactful stories using our unique game board system
  • Map out your stories with scenes your interviewer will remember well after the interview
  • Practice your stories out loud to develop confidence and become your own best coach

Get Excited to Answer the Famous Question,

"Tell Me About Yourself?"

  • Learn how to tell your story to show interviewers that you are the perfect candidate for the job
  • Get excited to talk about yourself in your interviews
  • Figure out which stories will make your interviewer excited to hire you, and which to leave out

Prove You Can Get the Job Done and Go Above and Beyond Their Requirements

  • Build stories that demonstrate your expertise in regard to the roles and responsibilities of the job
  • Connect with your interviewer by highlighting your past experiences through stories, instead of a laundry list 
  • Feel confident that you have the experience to get the job

Get Them Pumped Up to Work With You

  • Learn to transform the SARM framework and tell juicier stories that will show interviewers you are their ideal co-worker
  • Share your answers quickly and powerfully to questions like "Tell us about your greatest strengths" 
  • Choose the best examples that shine the most flattering light on how you are at work
  • Learn the key things you should avoid when answering specific interview questions

Transform Your "Biggest Weakness" into a Story of Growth

  • Feel confident when they ask about your biggest weakness
  • Learn how to talk about your mistakes in a way that demonstrates you're committed to growth
  • Include details that highlight the modifications you've made and show them you're open to feedback and making positive changes
  • Find out what you should never talk about in an interview

Choose Your Path 



Choose this if you feel confident doing the process on your own.

  • Access to the Master Storytelling for Interviewing Curriculum 
  • A gamified approach to help you instantly recall your interview responses
  • Bonus: Questions for you to ask to impress your interviewer
  • Bonus: How to upsell yourself based on the interviewer's responses to your questions
  • Bonus: Templates to follow up after your interview
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Choose this if you want one-on-one guidance and support.

  • Access to the Master Storytelling for Interviewing Curriculum 
  • A gamified approach to help you instantly recall your interview responses
  • Bonus: Questions for you to ask to impress your interviewer
  • Bonus: How to upsell yourself based on the interviewer's responses to your questions
  • Bonus: Templates to follow up after your interview
  • 3 Individual Coaching Sessions
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How does Mastering Storytelling for Job Interviews Work?


The Mastering Storytelling for Interviews Course Materials

Each module includes: 

  • A video introduction of the topic, including common job interview questions
  • Real life examples of how to answer the questions
  • Fun instructions for how to set yourself up to effectively share your stories
  • An opportunity to practice your responses
  • Dos and don'ts from an experienced recruiter 
  • A fun quiz where you get to play the recruiter and evaluate the candidate 

Email Guidance

You will receive daily emails that will help guide you through the course.

Bonus Materials

  • Questions to Ask the Interviewer that Impress (PDF).
  • Strategies to upsell yourself (video)
  • Templates to follow up after your interview
I'm ready to nail my interview!


One-on-One Coaching Calls

You will get 3 one-hour coaching calls in which we will we work together to practice for your upcoming job interview and overcome performance anxiety.

I'm ready to nail my interview!

Meet Your Coaches

Danielle Roessle

Career Coach

I have been a career coach for nine years. In that time, I have prepared over 150 clients for job interviews. With my guidance, my clients step into their interviews knowing what to say and feeling confident about their abilities. 

In this course, you will hear my stories about how I prepared to interview for a job as a high school college advisor using the same techniques you are learning. (In case you're wondering, I got the job!)

Alyce Blum

Networking Coach and Former Recruiter

As a certified professional networking coach and storytelling consultant, I help empower individuals so they can learn how to create strong connections, lead meaningful careers and speak with confidence in any setting.  

As a former recruiter, I know what employers are looking for in a candidate, and I bring my insider's knowledge to this course to help you answer questions for maximum impact.


Keith Bailey

Public Speaking Coach

I have been pitching my message and taking "stage bows" for 30 years. I have worked in sales management, photojournalism, professional coaching, and professional speaking. I have blended a lifetime of service, experience and stories into a business of helping others elevate their personal brand through storytelling and public speaking.

Four years ago, I created a gamified approach to searching for, shaping and sharing memorable stories. I am so excited to share this unique system with you in this course.

I went to interviews prepared and confident. I got the results I want and am very happy with where I am.

I was a stay-at-home mom for about a year. Even though the break from working was planned, it is still challenging to come back into the workforce confidently.

Danielle guided me into a journey that fueled my self-esteem. I started recognizing my strengths, I began to trust myself.  I went to interviews prepared and confident. I got the results I want and am very happy with where I am.

I encourage you to TRUST the process.

— Karen B.
Senior Accountant

Gain Confidence and Clarity.

I didn’t even think to tie items from the job description to help answer the question, tell me about yourself.  This course gave me a succinct way to do that.  I was able to try it out shortly after the course and it was pretty incredible to see how the interviewer leaned in to learn more.

— Julie Lee

Is The Mastering Storytelling for Job Interviews course for me?

 It is for you if…

  • You're ready to stop memorizing interview responses
  • You are willing to spend several hours each day to prepare for your job interviews
  • You want to stop feeling so anxious about job interviews
  • You are willing to practice your responses out loud 
  • You want to become a natural storyteller 

 It’s not for you if…

  • You want to memorize canned responses for your job interview
  • You are not willing to spend a good chunk of time to prepare for your job interviews
  • You are not serious about getting a new position
  • You are not willing to practice out loud

By the end, you will...

  • Actually enjoy preparing for interviews
  • Be ready to give an impactful answer to any type of question that comes your way
  • Feel confident going into your interviews
  • Show up to interviews as the true you and not a robot
  • Have a vault of memorable stories you can tell to connect with your interviewers
  • Have a strong foundation for telling sticky stories
  • Be well prepared to land the job
I'm in!