Let's tap your inner compass to guide you toward more personal and professional fulfillment.

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Meet Danielle Roessle, Founder of Inner Compass Coach

I’m Danielle Roessle, LCSW, Certified Career Coach, and founder of Inner Compass Coach.

Whether you’re trying to make a meaningful career change, prepare for a job interview, or connect with your intuition we'll help you get to know you again

When you work with us, you will DIG DEEP and understand your core motivations, beliefs and values. Together, we’ll create a roadmap to ACHIEVE your goals and make FULFILLING personal and professional changes.


Career Coaching

Clarify your career direction in 8 weeks through the Inner Compass Process.

Make a Career Change

Intuitive Coaching 

Join Danielle for this FREE weekly class to find and follow your inner compass.

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Job Interview Coaching

Learn to tell hire-worthy stories and master your interviewing skills in a week.

Nail your job interviews


Read my book, The Inner Compass Process, to CLARIFY YOUR CAREER CHANGE by digging into your childhood memories and learning what makes you THRIVE.

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