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3 Ways to Overcome the Emotional Baggage of a Bad Boss

career mindset May 13, 2016

We've all had a crappy boss- whether the situation was with a supervisor, manager or client.

As a career coach, I've had a handful of clients who struggled to move past the emotional baggage of having a bad boss. And who did it ultimately hurt? My client.

This article doesn't negate that your boss is responsible for his or her actions. However, it is YOUR responsibility for moving the feelings and emotional baggage that comes with having a bad boss.

You don't want to bring that baggage into your next endeavors because the law of attraction time and again has proven that negative energy attracts negative energy. Most companies and clients want to hire someone who is positive to work with and a good cultural fit.  Even unconscious negative energy, or false positive energy can be perceived.

Here's are  3 ways to handle the emotional baggage of a bad boss, so you can overcome and thrive in your next endeavor:

1. Journal- Write anything that comes to mind about your boss or client. Don't judge yourself for any feelings or emotions that arise and don't push them down either. Pain deserves to be felt.

I also share with my clients that journaling is not about writing a perfect article; it is meant just for you. If you were to open a page of my personal journal, you probably would find a stream of curse words.

2. Identify, understand and counter your negative beliefs- The actions of your supervisor or client are just actions. It's the beliefs that you carry about yourself that impact how you interpret those actions.

First you need to identify your negative beliefs (e.g. I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy).
After, you need to figure out where they came from (most likely a childhood incident).
And then you need to counter them (e.g. I am good enough, I am worthy).

When you are able to hold positive beliefs about yourself, the actions of others may still hurt in the moment, but don't make you suffer in the long run.

3. Stay connected with others- It's easy to want to isolate from others, especially when you are feeling bullied. However, if you can spend time with supportive colleagues, family and friends, that positive connection can reinforce your self-worth. This is especially important when you are not being supported by someone who is in position of power and you need all the encouragement you can get.

Don't let an experience with a bad boss hold you back, let it become a learning experience about you how face challenges, overcome obstacles and thrive.

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