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3 Ways to Start a Conversation at a Networking Event

networking tips Dec 14, 2015

For most people, networking events can be extremely intimidating. As a career coach, the most common question I get about networking is, "How do I start a conversation?"

Here are 3 things you can say in order to start a conversation at a networking event:

    1. If there is someone you have been meaning to meet for a long time and never had a proper introduction. Here's the BEST way to introduce yourself.I don't believe we've ever met before. I'm (insert your name).
    2. If you are near the food line, an exhibitor's table or by a sign, ask a question to start the conversation. Doesn't that look delicious? Have you read any of her books? Which breakout session are you attending?
    3. If you prefer to be less direct, you can simply ask, "Hi. Do you mind if I introduce myself?" Most people will respond, "No, not at all. I'm..."

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