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6 Tips to Making an Effective Career Change

career direction tips networking tips practical advice Nov 30, 2021
A lot of times when people want to make a career change, they want to snap their fingers and be in their new career. Often, the transition takes a lot more time. After all, there's the need for introspection and to do research to clarify the best next steps, and that takes time. There might be a need to take a job that is a stepping stone or skill-building activities (such as taking classes, a certification, or training) required before making a complete change, and that takes time too.
I interviewed Bethany O'Connor, a former client who was a manager at a global impact consulting company, who is now Leadership Coach and the Founder of Bethany O'Connor Coaching. She shares during this interview what she did in between changing her career.
Here were her highlights or 6 tips to make an effective career change (please note that I made some changes from the interview to make this article more reader friendly):

Tip #1: Informational Interviews- Talk to people about their careers through informational interviews, which are conversations with people who are in careers which interest you. These conversations will provide nuggets of information, insights, and resources about their career you are interested in pursuing. It's also how you build your network in the career path you're trying to get into.

Tip #2: Self-Resourcing/Self Care- Often when making a career change, there might need to be healing — if you had a terrible boss, a negative work experience, or perhaps a job related or non related trauma. The many ways we can focus on healing and self-resourcing, such as yoga retreats, therapy, life coaching, or meditation. Bethany recommends Integrated Restorative Yoga Nidra, which was developed to address trauma. 
Tip #3: Ways to Grow at Your Day Job- Volunteer or take on stretch projects, which are projects that are beyond your level of knowledge or skill, so that you can learn and grow. See if there are other opportunities to build your skills. 
Tip #4: Share what you're learning with others- It could be through mentoring or training others, or more. It's also a great way to build your resume for whatever your career's next steps might be and develop your leadership skills. 
Tip #5: Take advantage of training and professional development- Whether it be through your company or outside professional training. Often companies will pay for professional development that you might use for your eventual career change (as you should). It's a win-win because it improves the way you show up in your current role and allows you to build the skills and experience for your next move. 
Tip #6: Have patience and faith- Believe in yourself. The dream that's in your heart for a reason because it's part of your purpose. Just keep going and you will get there. 
To learn more about Bethany, please visit her website:
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