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Group career coaching and online course with Danielle Roessle

Denver, CO Career Coaching Options: Group Programs & Self-Paced Course

May 15, 2023

It's understandable to feel stuck professionally, especially at a certain point in your career. Maybe you're unclear on how to advance any further in the Denver market, or perhaps you've achieved most of the career bullet points you'd established early on and aren't sure what's next.

Most of the individuals we talk to in these situations say the lack of clarity negatively affects their happiness and sense of control. This is exactly where career coaching comes into play.

Group Coaching Solutions For Denver Professionals

Group coaching sessions are a popular alternative to one-on-one coaching for a few reasons:

  • You can learn alongside other professionals experiencing similar challenges and gain from their perspectives.
  • Sessions are recorded, so if you miss a class you can watch the replay later.
  • Benefit from the Inner Compass Coach community by having a group you can share your successes with and ask questions.
  • Group classes are held twice per month, so it's easy to work into your schedule.

The group coaching program is designed to help you find clarity about what drives you, what makes sense as a new goal, and what the tangible next steps are toward making that a reality.

Or Try Our Self-Paced Career Course

Another option we've found is extremely helpful for those looking to make a career transition is our online career course. The purpose is similar to the group coaching program, but has a few advantages of its own that may appeal to you:

  • You can work through the course entirely at your pace, which is even more flexible than the 2x/month model of the group coaching.
  • It's $39/month, which is very accessible and makes it simple to continuously refine your goals longer term.

Career Change Is A Natural Desire; You're Not Alone.

In fact, Apollo Technical reports that only 14% of American professionals report that they are happy with their current job and wouldn't change anything. (Source)

Conversely, their data shows that roughly 70% of working professionals are entertaining a job change. In most of those cases, they stay where they are because they either don't feel they could negotiate a better situation or because they aren't sure what an ideal job for them would even look like.

The main reasons people look to change jobs, or even careers, are these:

  • The goals and philosophies of the company they work for no longer jive with their own principles. That might be because the company has changed over the years, or because the individual has changed.
  • They are seeking a higher salary.
  • They perceive the leadership at their company to be disorganized, uncaring, or ineffectual.
  • They are looking for more flexibility in their schedule.
  • They are looking to change careers altogether, and it's less a question of finding a better job in that field and more a question of what other profession to seek.

If this sounds like you, you've found the right place.

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