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Ditch Perfection and Dive into Business

start a business starting a business Aug 25, 2023

In the early days of launching my business, I recall investing countless hours in crafting a visually striking website, refining my niche, and tirelessly pursuing an unattainable level of perfection.

What eluded me then, but has since become glaringly evident, is just how profoundly things would shift.

Looking back, I can see why my initial "niche" centered on providing career coaching to students and young professionals, guiding them through choosing their major and career after college—and how this direction would eventually change.

Many hurdles arose around affordability and the constraints of working with younger clients, often reliant on their parents paying for coaching services. The realization that my niche couldn't afford my services struck me hard

I reflected on if I had I spent less time obsessing over website aesthetics and pursuing perfection, and instead secured a few clients through networking (which, ironically, had been the way I secured my first clients), I would have swiftly learned that this wasn't my ideal market.

Having engaged with numerous aspiring business owners, I've witnessed the false common belief that meticulous planning is imperative before launching.

Here's my perspective: Start by developing a minimum viable idea or creating a basic website, if needed. However, the true essence lies in prioritizing the acquisition of your initial clients and using this practical experience as a litmus test for your venture's viability.

The noise perpetuated by business experts and online resources often misleads aspiring entrepreneurs into the belief that perfection is paramount. However, how can perfection be achieved without the practical experience to validate it (not that perfection is ever achievable)?

Adding to this challenge is the psychological aspect—doubts about one's ability to deliver effectively without having it all perfectly assembled. This doubt often intertwines with the imposter syndrome, a common companion in the early stages, causing one to question, "Why should anyone hire me?"

My response is grounded in my experience that if someone is immersed in something that taps their innate talents and drives them, they'll figure it out as they go.

Even during my most earnest quests for perfection, my true lessons and business direction emerged while in the field. With each new client, I honed my skills further. I learned that my imposter syndrome gradually waned with every experience, and each achievement bolstered my confidence.

So, if you've been hesitant about launching a business, or if you've been held back by the belief that everything must be perfect from the start, the key lies in understanding what you bring to the table and the value you believe you can deliver, and then putting it to the test.

As you forge ahead, keep in mind that your niche, website, and marketing strategies are all iterative processes that develop in sync with your journey.

And if you're currently seeking guidance in the exciting pursuit of discovering and launching your business, I extend a warm invitation to explore our transformative group coaching program.

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You've got this!


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