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Be Your Own Boss and Start a Business or Side Hustle

Be Your Own Boss

career direction tips Apr 15, 2023

Almost nine years ago, I started Inner Compass Coach. What most people don't know is that Inner Compass is my third business. Previously, I had invented a shot glass I was looking to bring to market, and I also ran a marketing and events company with a friend.

I obviously made some mistakes with my first two businesses because I ultimately quit. The biggest mistake of all was that I fell in love with the ideas of my former businesses, not that career that I was creating for myself. I thought the shot glass I had invented was super cool and the marketing aspect of my marketing company was fun.

The result of this mistake was that the companies I had formed were misaligned with my core strengths. My core strengths are my ability to connect deeply with others and to repurpose what I learn and create experiences to help others grow — these strengths and drivers did not point me to a career in transportation and logistics that my shot glass company supported, nor a career in website building that my marketing company supported.

From my mistakes and by working with many business owners who made similar ones, I can state with confidence that starting a business that speaks to your strengths and core drivers is key.

If you've been thinking about starting a business or side hustle, I'm going to be presenting a free online workshop Be Your Own Boss on Thursday, April 20th from 11:15 AM- 12 PM EST.

I'll be sharing the 3 most common mistakes that lead to business owners quitting early, and how you can avoid them. I'll also answer frequently asked questions that often trip up new business owners such as how to register their business, get a business banking account, insurance, etc.

Basically, it's a workshop with information that I wish someone would have shared with me before I started my former businesses, and I'm excited to share it with you if you're interested.

If you'd like to join, please register here. If you know of someone who is considering starting a business or side hustle, please consider forwarding this email to them.

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