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Day 11 of The Inner Compass Process

career direction tips May 01, 2021

For the next 21 days, I'm going to be posting my Inner Compass journey on my blog. Want to go through the Inner Compass Process with me to find more personal and professional fulfillment? Please read these short blog posts and journal your responses.

Have you asked friends, family, or coworkers what they observe of you regarding your work?
I asked my partner, when he observed me most fulfilled and unfulfilled in my work. My partner noticed that I was most fulfilled during my group coaching, when I was explaining a concept or facilitating an exercise. He shared I was least fulfilled after an 8-hour day of one-on-one coaching.
My partner's observation was spot on and completely changed my work. I decided to take on a colleague, Hunter Dickson, to assist with the one-on-one coaching, and to focus my time on group coaching and program creation.
Want to try a fun experiment? Ask your friends, family, and coworkers the following questions:
1) When have you noticed me most fulfilled in my work? What was I doing?
2) When have you noticed me unfulfilled in my work? What was I doing?
See if you agree with their observations, and ask yourself if you need to make any changes.
To learn more about surveying others to help you make a meaningful career change, CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK The Inner Compass Process: Using Childhood Memories to Guide Your Career Change:

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