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Day 3 of The Inner Compass Process

career direction tips May 15, 2021

For the next 21 days, I'm going to be posting my Inner Compass journey on my blog. Want to go through the Inner Compass Process with me to find more personal and professional fulfillment? Please read these short blog posts and journal your responses.

I want to tell you a little secret. Since I was that little kid that tried many activities- guitar, piano, soccer, tennis, musical theater, and this list goes on... I never stuck with anything.
When I took my first business class with Chuck Blakeman, founder of 3to5 Club, he tasked me with building a business plan. My resistance to making a business plan was high, but I did it
Here's what I learned, make a rough plan and make sure you can change it based on what works and what doesn't. Set goals, benchmarks, and celebrate your successes. When you do, it's amazing what you can accomplish.
If you're looking to make a career change, what would your timeline look like? What would be your major goals?
To learn more about making a timeline of next steps, CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK The Inner Compass Process: Using Childhood Memories to Guide Your Career Change

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