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Day 21 of The Inner Compass Process

career direction tips Apr 19, 2021

For the next 21 days, I'm going to be posting my Inner Compass journey on my blog. Want to go through the Inner Compass Process with me to find more personal and professional fulfillment? Please read these short blog posts and journal your responses.

When it comes to finding your CAREER DIRECTION, looking to childhood is key.

This is a picture of me creating as a child. It made me feel joyful and alive! Creating remains an essential piece of my career fulfillment.

How did you like to play as a child? What can you do to make work feel more like play, or what needs to shift in your career?

To learn more, on how to weave more play into your career CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK, Inner Compass Process: Using Childhood Memories to Guide Your Career Change:


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