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The Value of a DC Area Career Coach With A Powerful Track Record

May 23, 2023

It's fairly common for a person to consider changing careers, or at the very least change jobs, at a certain midpoint of their working years. The reasons are varied: sometimes it's seeking a higher salary, more flexible hours, or that the work itself is not fulfilling anymore.

For professionals of all kinds working in the Washington, DC region, this is exactly where a career coach can provide value. Mid-career and executive level employees are those who typically find the most value in these programs

Virtual coaching options to suit all schedules.

Finding time for career coaching can be challenging for industries with long hours. To accommodate this, we offer two other forms of career guidance. 

  1. A 5x/month group coaching class where you can meet others in the same transition as you, share stories and learn from each other's perspectives, and even catch up on a recorded version of each session if you miss it.
  2. A self-paced online course that guides you through key questions to unpack to focus the clarity about what really drives you. Once you've really unpacked those things, the ideal career path becomes far clearer. You can then make actionable and efficient goals that get you there.

Both these options create as little barrier to entry as possible, and as far as making a first step toward your ideal career or starting a business goes it's meant to be a simple one. 

The Washington, DC area is home to all kinds of career paths with growth opportunities, from tech, law, nonprofit/think tank, cyber security, and government work. Whether you're looking to pivot your career or explore something new, our coaching programs can help you do that.

Starting A New DC Area Business?

Starting a new and entrepreneurial path can be daunting in itself. Aside the financial and marketing-related questions one must ask creating the business plan, it's understandable to get hung up on earlier questions than those.

It may not even be clear to you what industry to jump into — only that you want to do things your own way and want control of your schedule. Or you may have a feeling about an industry, but aren't clear on the way to enter that space and provide value with your skills.

The good news is that areas like Silver Spring, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Hyattsville have all appeared on lists for in-demand areas to live, and that has a lot to do with the local markets. Bethesda in particular is a hot spot for medical and technical consulting.

Our business coaching programs help you assess what drives you, build concrete and actionable goals, and keep accountability with your coach and others in the ICC community.

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