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Debunking the 'Perfect Career' Myth

career mindset Jun 10, 2016

Do you find yourself always seeking more? Whether it be the newest technology, latest diet trends, the most recent fashions... and the list goes on.

We live in a world that is obsessed with perfection and always wanting more. We look for it in our careers and use the terms,"perfect career","dream job", "ideal job", etc to describe what we want.

This myth that there is a perfect career out there is false because perfection is an illusion. When I refer to illusion, I'm not just talking about a career that is free of flaws, but the idea that when we have something better, it will feel like utopia— we will have nothing to complain about or want nothing more.

I always tell my clients that even if they were to get a better job, they have create inner-happiness and choose external circumstances to foster it. Satisfaction comes from making the best of the circumstances at hand and changing the ones that no longer serve you.


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