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Does Your Calendar Energize or Deplete You?

career mindset Feb 27, 2023

I used to be overwhelmed by my calendar. Instead of being proactive about it, I would be reactive and leave it open for clients to schedule appointments whenever they wanted (I was afraid that if I didn't maintain flexibility, they wouldn't hire me). I also didn't incorporate time for self-care because I figured I would just find ways to fit it in. Because of the stress, I got sick with chronic sinus infections.


In 2017, I started working with my mentor Kathleen Ammalee Rogers (Amma) who taught me to explore my calendar from energetic perspective. To summarize, exploring my calendar from an energetic perspective meant to reflect if my weekly and daily appointments/engagements energized or depleted me?


Prior to working with Amma, I had learned the typical calendar advice of taking my monthly goals and breaking them down weekly, adding strategies and tactics to accomplish them, and evaluating my habits to support my goals. All the typical calendar advice was great, it was just that connecting with my calendar from an energetic perspective was new to me and it was working!


I began to look at my calendar once a week, and ask myself questions such as:

1) Am I using my time optimally for productivity based on my body's natural rhythm?

2) Do I have enough time for self-care? Eating, exercising, and resting?

3) Do I need to add or remove anything from my calendar?

4) When is the best time for me to tackle the tasks I don't enjoy doing?


Not that this alternative approach ignored my goals or doing the tasks I don't like, it just helped me look at the balance between my work and life, so it didn't get overwhelmed with work.


As a result, I started finding better balance in my calendar, saying no to what no longer served me (or punting it to when things were less busy), and finding myself more proactive than reactive with my time.


I hope these questions and this perspective helps you too!


If you'd like to do a deeper dive on how to explore your calendar from an energetic perspective, join me this Sunday from 6-7 PM EST/ 8-9 EST for our upcoming 9toThrive Program. Please schedule a consultation here to learn more.


You’ve got this!



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