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Every Successful Person Has To Jump

career mindset May 19, 2016

As a career coach, when I talk to potential clients, the most common career fear that I hear is that they feel like they're jumping off a cliff into the unknown.

Additionally, when I talk to former clients who have made a successful career change, they often say that they feel much happier but were surprised at the continuous inner work they've had to confront.

I totally get it. I've made three major changes in my career including starting my own business. And even now, I still feel like I'm jumping off the cliff into the unknown almost every day.

For some reason our minds want us to believe that once we do the work to make a change, that we are going to remain in some type of blissful state and remain there. The reality is that our lives are constantly changing at that we have to continue to jump off the cliff into the unknown in order to evolve.

I watched an incredible clip by Steve Harvey from Family Feud yesterday in my business class about the need to make a jump in order to soar in life. He brought up a compelling point, if you never jump, you'll never know what it is to live in life's abundance.

Watch this video TODAY! This talk definitely has some religious overtones (it's Steve Harvey after-all), but it's short, sweet and impactful.

I'll leave you with this quote: "We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down." -Kurt Vonnegut

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