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Four Tips to Take Advantage of the Holidays to Find a Job

Dec 14, 2014

We often believe that hiring slows down prior to the New Year. THIS IS A MYTH! If anything, hiring managers are still searching for applicants; however, interviews and hiring decisions may be slower because of the inability to get a team of coworkers together.

While holidays may be busy with family, friends and loved-ones, this is a great time for professional development and applying for positions. Below are four tips to take advantage of the holidays to find a job:

1.    Update your Cover Letter and résumé - Aunt Beth or Cousin Betty may have excellent editing skills. Take some time to update your cover letter and résumé and ask someone to look it over. Remember, it is important to customize your cover letter and résumé for each position you apply.

2.    Network- Tell everyone that you are seeking work. Holidays are a great time to network and tap into your friends and family who may know someone who may know someone who can help you find a job.

3.    Side cash-  As New Year’s quickly approaches, so do the resolutions. Many business owners want to reorganize their office, catch up with administrative work or market their business. The New Year is an opportunity to build your portfolio and provide temporary support to a small business. If you are highly organized, know how to use Microsoft Office or have any other skills, offer them to a small business owner and see if you can make some money before or after the New Year.

4.    Reconnect-  If you have relationships with hiring managers, former colleagues or anyone who could help you, send them a holiday card or e-mail. Holidays are a fantastic time to wish people well and reconnect. If there is a chance the person may not remember you, remind them of when you met last, who you are and perhaps include a business card. Share what you've been up to (employment, education, etc.) and ask to meet for coffee after the holiday.

Don’t let the holidays pass you by, take advantage of them!

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