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Go Where the Energy Flows

career mindset Jul 09, 2021

As the world is opening up, people are going out and about and life is looking normal again.

Our masks are coming off- literally and metaphorically.

We can eat at restaurants, we can meet up with friends and loved ones again. We can travel around the country and go on adventures.

There's a refreshing energy flowing and it's fun to see what myself and others are doing with it.

I had a client who had been trying to make her position work at her company for over seven months, and it's just not working out. After her fifth session with the Inner Compass Process, she put in her resume for a totally different role in a different department that she was more passionate about, and she got an interview!

My energy is flowing toward my Intuitive Experiments which are free weekly sessions I've been hosting to help others find and follow their inner compass. The experiments are keeping me accountable to stay grounded and self-connected. I'm also  proud of my webpage that I created for it in less than four hours (opposed to some web pages that have taken days to build) because I was in the flow. 

I'm also having fun creating reflective questions that I've been posting to my social accounts and reading the responses of others. 

What about you, where is your energy flowing these days? Click here to comment on Instagram or here to connect and comment on LinkedIn. I want to read and comment on your response.

Sending light and love your way,


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