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How to Avoid Making the Mistakes of Your Last Job

career direction tips career mindset May 20, 2022

There are many reasons a person will leave their job from a poor work culture to a micromanaging boss. When someone decides to leave their job and start over again, there's a huge fear that the same cycle of what went wrong at the last position will repeat itself.

I have learned that often most career changers will go straight into action-mode or the job search and yet very few have taken the time to process their experience. This makes sense to me because the U.S. workforce values action and achievement, not necessarily reflection.

That problem is that if a person’s negative work experience is not processed, it can bring on a subconscious level of negative thoughts about oneself or the workplace such as a lack of self-worth, confidence, trust in one’s intuition, clarity in career's next steps, which can prolong the job search or become a self-fulfilled prophecy in the next role.

What I’ve come to realize is that most career changers can’t stop thinking about the past and what went wrong at the last job, which is very different from processing what had happened to them and letting go of the subconscious thoughts that are holding them back.

The key to letting go of subconscious thoughts is to investigate their origin: the reason we had the difficulty we had in the last job was born long before the last job, or that boss. In fact, thought patterns are formed in the brain during our childhood, and they become how we understand the world. Therefore, the same difficulties we had with our parents are the same difficulties we have with our bosses. Not because our parents and bosses are good/bad people, but because the world makes sense to us when we surround ourselves with what is familiar.

The solution to not making the same mistake in the next job is to explore and release the subconscious patterns that are holding you back. That requires going back to childhood and literally rewiring our thoughts. 

There are multiple ways to explore subconscious patterns from journaling, to reflection, to talk therapy, to my favorite, somatic therapy (a therapy to connect the mind and body).

When a previous work experience is reflected upon and subconscious thoughts are released, so much energy gets freed up to clarify the next steps, reclaim confidence, connect with intuition again, and so forth. It ultimately shortens the job search process from what could be overly prolonged because subconscious thoughts are no longer sabotaging the search.

If you’re struggling to process your last work experience, it would be my honor to work with you to let go of what is holding you back and to support you with what's next. Please click here to schedule complimentary consultation, so we can better understand what's in your way and how to move past the block. 

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