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Living Your Purpose Takes Work!

career mindset May 10, 2016

If you walk around my house, I have laminated affirmations taped to the light switches, mirrors and picture frames. They state anything from, "You can do it!' to "Trust."

I'm also known by my friends on Facebook to constantly post motivational quotes- probably to the point of cheesy annoyance.

I do this as a reminder to myself to live in my purpose on a daily basis. It takes work to live a purposeful life and to remain intentional and present.

I began the process of uncovering my life's purpose four years ago during a meditation class lead by the amazing intuitive, Bobby Wood. Through a series of events, my life purpose became crystal clear and now I help others build their confidence and step into their purpose through my career coaching practice.

For some reason, I thought that once I identified my life's purpose, I'd become enlightened and float among the earth in a blissful state.

This notion was furthest from the truth. If anything, I learned that living out my life purpose takes tons of work.

If I wake up having a shitty morning, just because I know my life's purpose and have a career that I love doesn't take away from the fact that I experience pain and sadness.

I've also realized that gurus, spiritual teachers and masters who dedicate their life to the enlightenment of others spend their entire existence teaching, living and breathing that enlightenment.

Most of us ordinary folks are not in careers that reinforce our life's purpose nor do they support the idea of remaining in a state of blissful enlightenment. The buzz of an urgent email or the stacks of paperwork quickly snaps us out of it.

So the idea that even if you uncover your career calling or live our your purpose through your career does not mean your going to be in a constant state of bliss. It's going to take work.

There will be tons of times where you have no control over the actions of others or the life circumstances around you. All you have control over is to choose actions and activities that reinforce the well-being of your inner state.

So whether it's affirmations pasted around your house, mantras that help you meditate, sharing inspiring posts on Facebook, a good workout during your lunch break or a simple stroll around the block...if any of these actions help you remain mindful and live out your purpose, God bless you and go do it!

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