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An online career coaching course for all professions

How Online Career Coaching Helps You Make Changes That Move The Needle

limited time availability online coaching course Jun 21, 2023

If you're feeling stuck lately with your career and haven't been sure where to look for an online career coach, our program may be exactly what you're after.

Over the years we've had great success with our one-on-one and group coaching programs, helping those in all types of professions find clarity about their next moves. As powerful as those coaching programs are, we were driven to create a self-paced online course as a more accessible alternative.

This online career coaching program addresses two of the biggest challenges people face when contemplating this type of move:

  1. Limited time availability throughout any given week because of long or complicated hours.
  2. The investment in 1:1 or group coaching is a bit out of reach.

$39/month is a powerful investment that provides access to our entire online coaching library. You can work at your own pace, around your schedule, and get the tools you need to systematically discover what drives you and what makes the most sense for your career direction.

Just as importantly, you'll also gain clarity about what those moves look like and how to actually chase down those goals.

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Online Coaching For The Planning Phases Of Career Changes

Career coaching isn't only for when you're ready to make a switch right away. Many people find value in our online career coaching course earlier on. Often, when that feeling of, "I'm not fulfilled with what I am doing," sets in.

The self reflection the course guides members through will help you establish whether there's a more fulfilling aspect of your current industry you could move into that's better suited to your skills and personality — or whether a larger change to an entirely new career is actually the ideal move.

For instance, say you're an IT professional for a law firm and looking to make a change. You may discover, through some exploration, that becoming an independent IT consultant would be an exciting move that allows the time freedom you've been after — as well as some client variety.

Or, you may decide that IT isn't for you anymore. Perhaps something you'd dabbled in years ago is worth revisiting, or something you've been doing on the side for years and hadn't considered a career path suddenly looks viable.

Once that part is clear, you'll be able to plot out the answers to questions like:

  • Do I have the skills needed for this new career now, or do I need additional training to properly make the switch?
  • Does this new career require certifications or credentials? What are the costs for those? What time frames are involved in the prep work?
  • Can I leverage my current network for an entry point into this new job? If I am starting my own business, are my current connections able to open doors for me to acquire a few starting clients?

The ideal aspect about an online course for a career change is that you can work within your current schedule and at your pace. This makes it viable even in your current position without having to make major sacrifices to your work schedule.

Until you're ready to make your move, it's important to be able to maintain business as usual.

Starting A New Career With A Leg Up

After you've been building a career path for awhile certain things become automatic, or become second nature. It's easy to take those things for granted and get discouraged when you try something else, since you are now operating from a new skill set that isn't as well developed.

That new career might involve new responsibilities that push you out of your comfort zone. Or there may be a temptation to accept a position with less seniority just to get a foot in the door in the new role.

Our online career course is designed to give you a leg up here. Career transitions can be lateral, sacrificing nothing in terms of seniority. Or the move can even be a step up, with measurably more autonomy or pay.

The most important thing is to make a move that feels like you're still moving forward without missing a step. Being able to hit the ground running empowers you to boldly make the switch, since the reasons not to take action are accounted for and solved.

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