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Your Career doesn't have to be Groundhog Day, how to overcome burnout.

Overcoming Burnout: A Guide to Fulfilling Career Change

career direction tips career mindset career satisfaction career transition start a business Oct 04, 2023

Do you ever wake up in the morning, dreading the day ahead, feeling like you're stuck in a never-ending loop of exhaustion and frustration?

You're not alone. Many of my clients reach out to me for one reason - they're burnt out and contemplating a career change, or considering starting their own business.

But here's the thing: the source of burnout isn't always obvious. It's like being caught in a Groundhog Day scenario, facing the same challenges repeatedly, yet struggling to pinpoint why you're feeling drained.

In this newsletter, I'm going to dive deep into the root causes of burnout and share your options to a more fulfilling career or business.

Unveiling the Root Causes: Why You're Feeling Burned Out and How to Change Your Path

Taking Stock of Your Energy

Let's kick things off with a transformational homework assignment, regardless of your burnout level.

I encourage you to take a week to assess what activities, including roles, responsibilities, and tasks, energize you versus what depletes you.

You can do this by making a checklist or turning this into a journaling exercise.

There are three key categories that often emerge:

1. Roles, Responsibilities, and Tasks: Energizing Your Daily Grind

You might find that some roles, responsibilities, and tasks can be a source of invigoration, while others drain your energy.

To cultivate a more fulfilling daily routine, prioritize activities that uplift you and let go of those that don't.

After evaluating your situation, you can decide whether your current role offers the elements that keep you engaged. If not, you might consider a pivot in your career or business, or even explore a complete change if your current activities fail to hold your interest and create the impact you desire.

2. Interactions with People: Navigating Workplace Dynamics

Sometimes this exercise reveals that a challenging boss, toxic leadership, or a negative colleague is significantly impacting your work experience.

Occasionally, there are opportunities to improve the situation within your company (such as changing teams). Other times, the best choice might be to consider alternative work environments.

3. Prioritizing Self-Care: Balancing Work and Pleasure

Sometimes this exercise helps clients realize that their job offers no work-life balance, leaving little room for personal time. In such cases, the only viable option might be to explore opportunities in another company or a different career path.

Even if you're passionate about your career or business, neglecting time for leisure and enjoyment outside of work can have detrimental effects. For professions involving high emotional demands, such as healing professions, maintaining healthy energetic boundaries becomes essential to prevent burnout.

If you find yourself grappling with burnout or aiming to prevent it, focusing on self-care, establishing boundaries, and developing coping strategies can lead to significant improvements and help you reclaim your well-being. However, if your job doesn't allow time for these essential practices, it's likely time to consider a transition.

If You're Still Feeling Stuck:

And, of course, if you need another perspective or guidance, please feel free to reach out. 

Let's have a conversation (with absolutely no pressure), to see what we can do about your burnout and explore more fulfilling career or business changes together.

You've got this! 


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