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Pride from the Heart, Not from the Mind

career mindset Jul 23, 2021

As I was working through the Intuitive Experiment this morning, it moved me. Our group spent time reflecting on this past year's accomplishments and our goal was to experience pride from our heart, not just our mind. 

Our society values productivity and constant engagement- What project can you finish next?; What task can you accomplish?; Have you hit your goals?; What are you doing for personal and professional growth?; and the list goes on.

Additionally, we have our screens constantly blasting at us- you got mail; you have a message; you have a Facebook notification; and this list goes on.

How often do we pause? We put so much out into the world, and yet how often do we receive and take in all that we've accomplished? No kidding so many people are burnt out. Many of us are not taking the time to replenish. 

I've attached this week's intuitive experiment here because it's really powerful and I hope you can take some time to try it.

Here's an overview of what we covered:

Materials: Pen, paper, a fun song to dance to and celebrate.

Time: 30 minutes.

Step 1: Take out your pen and piece of paper and take two minutes to write down all that you've done this year.

Step 2: Put on some celebratory music, dance, feel your pride in your body, and celebrate. Perhaps play Kool and the Gang's song, Celebration.

Step 3: Calm yourself and relax. Look at your list of accomplishments slowly, item by item, and pause after each item you wrote. Take it all that you've done. Fill your heart with it. 

Imagine the amazing vibe you'd give off if you were to do this exercise before going into a job interview. Dang...

Give this exercise a shot and let me know what you think!

Sending light and love your way,


P.S. If you want to sign up for next week's Intuitive experiment, check out our new webpage here.

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