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Reflecting on 2022

career mindset Dec 22, 2022

By Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP

Hello everyone,

I know I’ve been quiet recently, and that's because I’ve been detoxing a bit from social media and taking some time to reflect. I've needed to get away from the noise- buy this, do this, tips and tricks, and so forth. To be quite candid, I didn't want to add to it because I prefer to share when it feels meaningful to me. In order to take space from the noise and get clear on my vision for 2023, I've been meditating through movement and practicing various journaling exercises.

One of my favorite exercises that I’ve been doing is sitting on my living room rug with my journal, putting on meditation music, and using the writing prompt: What do I want? After I write my first answer, then I use a counseling technique to take my insights even deeper by asking “why” or “how come” and then write the next thing that comes up for me. Then I take that answer and ask “why” or “how come” and take it even deeper.

Please note, in between my questions, I'll put my right hand on my heart, my left hand on my stomach, and close my eyes as I ask the questions listed above, and when my answer comes to me, I'll open my eyes and write it down. The reason I close my eyes and put my hands on my heart and stomach is that it engages that mind, heart, and intuition, which allows for more clarity to come in.

The reason I love this exercise is that it helps me move beyond my surface-level thoughts and bring my subconscious forward. With all the noise out there, it helps me quiet everything and hear that one voice that needs to be heard above all others- to help me understand what I truly want and need. From that space, I'm finding clarity and direction as I'm entering 2023.

In the meantime, I’ve been taking this holiday season to catch up with everyone (I love hearing updates from former clients and potential clients to hear how they are doing). If you’re wanting to catch up and reconnect, please click here. I’d love to spend some time with you.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best,


PS. Hunter is taking a few weeks off for the holidays, so I'll be supporting everyone while she's having some R&R.

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