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Some Exciting News from Inner Compass Coach

career direction tips Oct 21, 2022


I've been alluding to some exciting news for quite some time. On October 30th, I'll be releasing The Inner Compass Process online course.

I designed this self-paced course because I noticed that when career changers were stuck, it was because their careers were reinforcing patterns that no longer served them. By helping career changers reflect on specific childhood memories and reconnect with what makes them thrive, they can find opportunities that reenforce those fulfilling patterns in their career moving forward.  

And the amazing thing... this incredible content (in my opinion), will be available for a monthly investment of $33 a month. 

You might be wondering why?

This is for several reasons.

1) I've always wanted my work to be accessible because I believe that everyone should have access to quality content that allows them to dig deep by going back to childhood to help them identify the motivating gifts they want to bring to the world and manifest in their career.

A positive domino effect begins when people are using their motivating gifts in the world — from the person being more fulfilled in their work, to the company who hires them, to the team that works with them, to the friends and family who feels the positive energy of their loved one who is satisfied, to the public who benefits from the product service produced by that person.

I'm proud that I've been able to bring this content to workforce development centers, military support programs, and various companies. 

Having an online course allows greater access to both individuals and a variety of businesses to help with career and business direction.

2) I love that I created this unique coaching experience you're unlikely to find anywhere else.  Having been inspired by the works of Robert Wood, Nora Abel, and Marshall Rosenberg, I have been able to nerd out over the last decade in repurposing Inner Child Work Psychology and Career development. The result is a process that I created, which uses childhood memories to help individuals reconnect with the parts of themselves that have been lost as they transitioned into adulthood and to find opportunities to reclaim those qualities in their career. 

I love when I hear Inner Compass Process participants share their blinding flashes of the obvious that content reveals to them; especially when they report they've found more fulfilling career opportunities where they can be their true selves. 

If you want a preview of the course, I did a live workshop of Lesson 1, Play Your Way to (Career) Clarity for Global Gaming Women on Monday. You can check it here (the video content starts at 2:37) along with the corresponding worksheet here.

In the meantime, I'll keep you posted over the next week regarding the course release.

You've got this!


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