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The 3 Best Career Research Websites

practical advice Nov 10, 2014

There are hundreds of websites to support career research; however, it can be overwhelming to have to figure out the best ones out there and where to start. When I work clients, I suggest they research basic information about careers before they continue on to websites that provide more detailed information about companies, people and job listings. Below are the 3 best career research websites for career changers:

College In Colorado is a hidden gem for college, career and financial aid research. I suggest this tool for people of all ages to build a portfolio of assessments, career searches, cover letters, and more.

My Next Move Explore allows job seekers to explore careers by keyword, industry or interest. It is easy to navigate and provides information quickly and effectively. Career profiles include knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, education, job outlook and similar professions.

Occupational Outlook Handbook is the last website I send career transitioners after they have narrowed down several careers that interest them. It is important to research labor market trends to understand careers that are going to be in demand in the future.

And of course, when it doubt, Google it out. There are many industry specific websites out there to provide more career-specific information. Best of luck in your research!

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