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The Inner Compass Community July Calendar

career transition networking tips start a business Jun 27, 2023

The Inner Compass Community Calendar for July has been released!

What is the Inner Compass Community? A group coaching program for mid-career professionals, executive leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to reignite the fire within by using childhood memories
— and identify more fulfilling career opportunities or start a meaningful business through the support of coach-led community.

Check out our July calendar!

➜ 9toThrive for Better Mental Health and Work-life Alignment- Topic- Setting Boundaries at Work Part III- Tues, July 11, 2023 1:30-2:30 PM EDT

Welcome to the third installment of our workshops on setting boundaries at work. Whether or not you attended the previous sessions in June, you are encouraged to join us for this workshop. Our focus today will be on discussing the most commonly crossed boundaries in the workplace and engaging in role-playing exercises to demonstrate effective communication techniques. Remember, practice makes progress, and through these interactive sessions, you will gain valuable skills in expressing your boundaries assertively and confidently.

➜ Rediscovery Session for Career Changers and Business Owners- Topic: Your Driving Talents- Weds, July 12, 2023 7:15-8:30 PM EST-

During this rediscovery session, we will explore your unique driving talents, which are your innate abilities that bring you immense satisfaction and fulfillment. These talents are so enjoyable that you eagerly look forward to using them in your work. Our aim is to assist you in uncovering and refining your driving talents, thereby boosting your confidence in determining your future path. Please ensure that you have surveys completed by friends, family, and coworkers prior to this session. Be prepared to share one of these surveys that accurately captures your driving talents for further discussion.

➜ 9toThrive for Better Mental Health and Work-life Alignment- Topic- Self-Compassion- Tues, July 18, 2023 1:30-2:30 PM EDT

As we transition into the topic of compassionate communication for July, we begin by addressing the importance of self-compassion. Understanding our inner landscape is crucial before effectively engaging with others. In this session, we will explore self-compassion exercises designed to help you work through bottlenecks. By practicing self-compassion, you can gain insight into your thoughts, emotions, and needs, providing a solid foundation for meaningful communication. These exercises will serve as doorways to understanding and expressing yourself more authentically.

➜ Business Owner's Strategy Session- Strategic Planning Part II- Tues, July 25, 2023- 12-1:15 PM EST

Do I need to have a business plan? The short answer is most likely no, unless you're raising funds for your business. With that said, it helps to have a strategic plan, or a 2-page document that helps focus your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals/priorities. We'll be borrowing some strategic planning concepts from Chuck Blakeman's book, Making Money is Killing Your Business (check it out here on Amazon) and integrating them into your business.

➜ Career Changer's and Business Owner's Strategy Session- LinkedIn for Networking- Wed, July 26, 2023 7:15-8:30 PM EST

LinkedIn for Networking - If you don't have LinkedIn Premium, don't worry. In this session, I will guide you through some effective strategies for making connections on LinkedIn, including how to follow companies and utilize other features. Additionally, we will allocate time to address any questions you may have about the Inner Compass Process.

Do you like what you're seeing on our calendar and want to learn more? Click here to learn more about the Inner Compass Community and here to schedule a complementary strategy session if you'd like to assess if it would be a good fit.

We're excited to work with you!


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