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The Pursuit of Change: Transforming Career Aspirations and Business Dreams into Reality

career direction tips start a business starting a business Sep 15, 2023

Why is it that we often declare our intentions to make a career change or start a business without taking the necessary actions to make them a reality? Join me on this journey as we explore compelling reasons, share relatable stories, and provide you with a clear pathway to your own transformative journey or changing your career or launching a thriving business.

The Journey of Self-Discovery: A Personal Tale

Before I transitioned into a career as a business discovery and executive career coach, I stood at the crossroads of change. With a diverse background in clinical social work, career development, college planning, and community outreach, I faced the allure of a traditional 9-to-5 job, but I also felt the pull of entrepreneurship.

Then, one day, I made a life-changing decision: I was determined to start my own business, no matter the path it took. Although I wasn't entirely certain which direction to pursue – torn between launching a college consulting practice or embarking on a career in coaching – I wholeheartedly committed to turning my aspirations into a reality.

This decision wasn't merely about craving change; it became a priority, an unwavering chapter in my life story. Through introspection, seeking guidance, and strategically planning my path, I embarked on my journey.

Fear of the Unknown: Embrace the Adventure

Fear often acts as a powerful deterrent, anchoring us within the safe harbors of our comfort zones. The prospect of change frequently triggers daunting questions: "Will the grass truly be greener on the other side?" or "What if I fail?"

When I contemplated entering the realms of college consulting and career coaching, I wrestled with these fears. These fears are genuine, but they are also the catalysts of growth. Regardless of how much research we conduct or how long we ponder, these uncertainties persist. The path to transformation involves calculated risks and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

After extensive conversations with over 40 college consultants and career development professionals, I ultimately made a decision that career coaching was my path. It was a risk, albeit not an enormous one, but it was a risk that I wouldn't know the outcome until I took the plunge.

Clarity Through Action: The Power of Testing and Exploration

Sometimes, the road ahead appears hazy, with multiple career options or business ideas clamoring for our attention. It's entirely natural to yearn for a crystal-clear vision, but often, clarity emerges through action rather than contemplation.

Envision this: When embarking on a career change, gaining clarity necessitates dedicating time to networking, skill-building, submitting job applications, and more.

For those building a business, achieving clarity involves allocating time to test your ideas, develop processes and systems, acquire clients, engage in marketing, and manage sales.

My own journey followed this path. By actively engaging with career coaches and college consultants, and by working with test clients, I discovered my direction. Remember, the road to certainty often begins with a courageous leap into the unknown.

Consistency: Nurturing Your Career Change or Business Launch Daily

Maintaining consistency is one of the fundamental pillars of achieving your career change or entrepreneurial dreams. If you find yourself grappling with uncertainty about your path, the initial steps may involve introspection, seeking guidance from a coach or mentor, or participating in a structured program. Set aside dedicated blocks of time in your calendar for your transformative journey.

If you're considering a career change, this may involve activities such as networking, skill development, submitting job applications, and more. For those venturing into the world of business, it will require allocating time to test your ideas, develop processes and systems, acquire clients, engage in marketing, and manage sales.

Indeed, it may entail sacrificing leisure activities, social outings, or even missing a soccer game, but remember that these sacrifices are investments in your future. Importantly, this commitment to consistency does not imply a perpetual state of imbalance; it represents a temporary shift in priorities. It's grounded in the belief that nurturing your career and business aspirations daily will yield the long-term rewards you aspire to. It means saying 'yes' to your ambitions, even if it occasionally means saying 'no' to other pursuits.

The Path Forward: Join Our Workshop and Transform Your Future

Now that you've ventured into the realm of comprehending the dynamics of change, I extend an invitation for you to join us on the next leg of your journey. My workshop, "Be Your Own Boss," is designed to guide you in translating your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. If you've been harboring the desire to kickstart a business or side-hustle, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

Dates/Times: Tuesday, October 3rd, Wednesday, October 4th, Thursday, October 5th, and Friday October 6th from 12-12:35 PM EST

Here's a sneak peek of what awaits you:

Day 1: Qualities for Success: Gain insights into the essential qualities required for entrepreneurial success, shared by someone who has walked that path and helped others walk the path.

Day 2: Discovering the Right Business: Explore the how to uncovering the right business venture for you through practical strategies and actionable insights.

Day 3: Launching Your Business Venture: Dive into the intricacies of launching a business, complete with guidance on how to create, market, and nurture your endeavor.

Day 4: Your Questions, My Answers: Bring your questions, concerns, and dreams to our interactive Q&A session.

Don't allow this opportunity to transform your aspirations into reality pass you by. Join us and set out on your journey toward a more fulfilling future. Ready to take the first step? Register for our "Be Your Own Boss" workshop here. If you cannot make it to all the sessions, a recording will be available for you. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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