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We are opening the doors to the Inner Compass Community, group coaching program

We're opening the doors to the Inner Compass Community!

career direction tips Mar 29, 2023

Lately, with the ever-shifting job market and all its complexities, I've been seeing more and more people finding themselves stuck in career ruts or feeling overwhelmed when attempting to make a big change on their own, yet fearful to invest in coaching because of economic uncertainty.

Several people reach out, asking if we could start a group coaching program for these reasons. 

We get it! There many perks to joining a group including:

✧ Gaining access to the Inner Compass materials and expert career and business coaching at a fraction of the cost

✧ Learning from other participants because they are often working through similar bottlenecks, which you can apply to your transition

✧ Finding new ways to get to know yourself, and testing new career and business options with the support of a coach-led community, so you don’t have to do it alone

Starting today, with our first class April 12th, we're opening the digital doors of the Inner Compass Communitywhich offers a combination of reflective exercises delivered through an online course along with coach-facilitated original content and accountability meetings throughout the month — and an online forum for continued support — to help mid-career to executive-level professionals and business owners transition into more meaningful and financially rewarding careers or businesses.

This is a great opportunity for you or a loved one if:

✧ If you like the idea of using childhood memories for the purpose of rediscovery

✧ If you want to build a job or business framework that can help you evaluate career or business opportunities to make sure they are aligned

✧ If you’re open to being curious and exploring other career or business options

✧ And you want to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing as you navigate your transition

All of this with the support of a coach-led community for only $199 a month (for a limited time only.)

Join us and dive into exploring new and exciting possibilities that are soon to be discovered! 

To find out more about joining the program, please click here and schedule a complementary strategy session to learn more here.

And if you are a former client, please consider sending this to a friend who could benefit from this program. 

We're excited to work with you!


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