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What Does A Career Coach Provide?

Apr 27, 2023

I often get the comment, “I told my friend that I was looking to make a career change, and they suggested I work with a career coach. I’m not sure what the whole thing is about.”

Career coaching describes a variety of career development services, including career discovery, job search, interviewing preparation, and cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn services. All of these are ways a coach helps their client achieve specific goals.

Career coaches can come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have education and training in career coaching through reputable organizations such as the National Career Development Association, International Coaching Federation, or Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, just to name a few. There are also career counselors, which technically have a master’s degree in counseling, with a focus on career development, and they are trained to support the therapeutic side of career development. 

There any many out there that call themselves a coach with no training or background. I always encourage individuals seeking a coach to vet the individual and make sure they are getting value, even in the initial consultation.

Here at Inner Compass Coach (ICC), we have backgrounds in clinical counseling and certifications from the National Career Development Association, therefore our services are more holistic and therapeutic in nature. 

How Career Coaching At Inner Compass Coach Is Different

At ICC, we primarily focus on career discovery services — helping our clients assess if they want to change their job, career, employer, industry, or start a business.

Often our clients are mid-career professionals: senior, principal, or executive leaders who are feeling dissatisfied in their work and want support in making a more meaningful move without sacrificing their income. We not only pride ourselves in supporting our clients with direction, but also maintaining positive mental health during their transition through our 9toThrive Program.

Unlike most career discovery companies, we do not focus on career assessments as our primary means of helping our clients. Instead, we use childhood memories to help our clients identify where they thrive in their career and what holds them back. Through their self-discovery, they identify more fulfilling careers or start a business.

Many of our clients who work with us love the idea of using childhood memories to guide their career change.

Career development companies often will rely on assessments to provide career suggestions, often unrealistic and not understanding the nuances of pivots, e.g. moving from a senior software developer to a product manager. Here at Inner Compass Coach, we will provide career suggestions for our clients to research, and we have the tools to help our clients do the research. 

Breaking It Down With An Example:

Take the example of our client Adam. Adam was a business analyst, feeling bored in his role.

He worked with another coach, took several career assessments, and found that the assessments organized his strengths and interests. Unfortunately, he felt that the career suggestions were overgeneralized and did not point him in a direction that would help him maintain his salary.

He also felt frustrated that his former coach didn’t understand that he didn’t want to go back to being a business analyst, but also didn’t want to make a complete career change.

When I met with Adam, we explored his childhood and career memories and learned that he was motivated to analyze situation and develop strategies based on his analysis. While his job as a business analyst allowed him to use his analytical skills, he could not tap his skills for strategizing in his current situation.

During our career research and piece of the process, I suggested Adam explore strategic planning as a potential avenue for a pivot. Adam researched and spoke with individuals working in strategic planning, and he pursued a certification.

Adam also used his network to find a position at an aerospace company, and he’s now working in a senior level strategic planning position today and reports he is satisfied with his move. 

So, think of a career coach as a partner in your professional development and growth. With the right coach, you can maximize your career potential however you define it.

If you’re thinking about working with Inner Compass Coach, here is what we can promise you:

  1. We have a proven process to help you identify your career and business direction.
  2. We will walk with you side-by-side as you navigate your transition.
  3. Whether you choose group or individual coaching, our trained coaches will help make your next moves as clear and actionable as possible.

What we will not do:

  1. We will not tell you what career you should ultimately choose. While we we guide you with suggestions, you ultimately have to make the decision.
  2. We will not find you a job. We can guide you on how to network and find the best resources in the industry to connect you with hiring managers, but ultimately, you have to do the work.

If you’re feeling stuck or lost in your career, research out and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Let’s see if Inner Compass Coach could be a good fit for you. We look forward to connecting!

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