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Why I Named My Business Inner Compass Coach

career mindset Jun 26, 2021

When I was rebranding my business in 2016, I was struggling to find the right name. I toyed with Key Ingredients Career Coaching, Women's Pioneer Network, Career Pioneer Network, and more.

I was also at the end of a nine month relationship, and I was heartbroken.

My mind was constantly spinning to find the answers to the rebrand. It was also trying to make sense of the "failed" relationship.

I had hunkered down and went knee deep into spiritual work.

At the time, I was involved with a meditation center that focused on movement-based meditation.

Every Wednesday evening, I would partake in a 2-hour meditation that involved dancing, moving, screaming into towels, and crying that would lead to this profound insight, this deeper knowing — my intuition.

When I tapped it, it was clear on what I needed to know and helped me connect with the truest part of myself. 

A few days after an intense meditation, I drove by a real estate company with the name Compass, and I knew instantly that my business had to have the word compass in it.

The following week during a meditation, my inner knowing shared the message, "Name your business Inner Compass."

What I find interesting is that almost five years after the rebrand, I did not name my business "Inner Compass Career Coaching", even though it would have been helpful for branding at the time. I would have never guessed that my business would grow beyond career coaching.

My business name, Inner Compass Coach, has become my calling —  I love teaching others to tap their intuition, and find true freedom and self-connection.

Do you want to find the answers to your questions and have the tools to connect with your deeper knowing? Do you want the clarity that I had when my business name came to me?

I've started a FREE weekly class to help you develop your intuition, where we will experiment with exercises and techniques to help with self-connection, grounding, and following your inner compass.

Want to join me? If so, please click here. The next class is Friday, July 2nd from 8 to 9 AM EST/ 6 to 7 AM MST. If you can't join us in person, no worries. I'll send you the replay (available for 48 hours).

Also check out my video above. I interviewed a former client, Kamyar Jarahzadeh, about his experience connecting with his intuition. His insights are profound.

With love,


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