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Why You Should Pray Even if No One is Listening

career mindset Jul 22, 2016

I promise you this article is not going to get religious on you. There are so many reasons people pray —perhaps they want change, to receive something, connection to God, forgiveness, healing or something else.

I personally like to pray during life transitions. Not because I think there is someone listening, but it's a meditative act to help me get crystal clear on my wants, needs and deepest desires. In turn, I'm listening to myself.

I began praying several years ago during a major life transition. I wasn't sure that anyone was listening or that my prayers would be answered, but I knew I needed another outlet.

I tried different methods of praying such as putting my hands to my forehead where my third eye would be activated, my palms to my heart, kneeling, walking, and the list goes on...

I found myself asking for so many things to change and then I felt guilty because I thought that I should only be asking for things that are selfless.

I thought I should give up because prayer didn't seem to work and then I decide to push my judgement aside—I realized that prayer was a power tool to help me realize what I want. If I didn't put any expectation or how prayer should look or the outcome I should receive, the power in itself was my clarity.

In a society where we are given messages through media that we don't know what we want and we need material things to fulfill ourselves, our true desires get muddled.

Clarity in itself is such a powerful gift.

Prayer is the tool in which I can look into myself and see where I can take action or who I can receive help from to make a needed change.

If you are in any life transition and need clarity, try praying. Worse comes to worse, it doesn't work for you and you try something else.

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