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Worried about Making a Career Change?

career direction tips career mindset practical advice Jun 03, 2022

In my 10+ years as a career coach, I’ve found that when my clients want a career or business change, it is likely because their work has become stagnant and they desire growth (financial, skills, or leadership). On the flip side, they’ll postpone a career or business change because they fear it will affect their financial security, job security, or some other factor. We’ve all been there to some degree or another. I know when I’ve been there, my fear stems from a concern for financial insecurity, and a desire for some confidence in knowing that everything will be okay. 

I’ve found the human mind often believes that with growth must come insecurity — that is because our minds are designed to keep us safe and to maintain homeostasis.  Often when people contemplate change, there isn't enough data to make an informed decision. For for some people this encourages the imagination to contemplate extremely bad yet unlikely outcomes, causing more anxiety and stress then is helpful, leading to inaction and further stagnation. 

So, what do we do with our overactive mind when it comes to career change? I find the best way to proceed is to give yourself permission to gather more information and explore your options, without the need to make a decision.

For career or business change, exploration could look like self-discovery, career and business research, informational interviews, taking classes, job shadowing, or volunteering. The outcomes explored could range from a career or business overhaul to a smaller pivot in our job, business, industry, or employer.

The permission to explore options allows for multiple things to happen:

1. It allows us to havour needs for learning and growth to be met more immediately without having to commit to a career change until we are ready. And when we are ready to make a change, such as taking a new job or starting a business, we choose the outcome based on our assessment that it will be a better fit and meet more of our needs, thus alleviating some of our fears. 

2. It also allows us to see the possibilities that are out there and for opportunities to unfold because we are open to them.

3. As we gather the data and information, it makes room for that inner voice. The reason that inner voice can be heard is because we are giving it options, not forcing outcomes. And when we listen to that inner voice, it's immensely powerful and affirming because we are also meeting our need of being seen and heard (it's just coming from within). That inner voice is what gives us the confidence to make a decision and move forward.

And if you would like some guidance with the career or business exploration process, please schedule a consultation with us here, because having someone else to support through the bottlenecks is so much easier than doing it alone. 

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