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Conscious Cell Phone Use

career mindset Jul 28, 2022

Because of my coaching with one of my clients who is trying to create more work-life balance for themselves, I've been aware of my choices, especially around my cell phone use.

My beloved mentor Amma, who died a year ago from cancer, was an incredible role model to me for conscious cell phone use. She used it to communicate and connect with her clients and loved ones more deeply. I'd often receive affirming text messages from her with emojis, inspiring images, music recommendations, and resources with hyperlinks to check out. 

Amma also loved using her cell phone to listen to music and podcasts that inspired her. She'd also spent long periods without it. Her favorite pastimes included sitting outside enjoying nature, taking long hikes in the woods, and camping with her son. She'd also take flow time to meditate, write her book, and do other activities from her higher inspiration.

It occurred to me I have so many choices about how I use my cell phone. Instead of unconsciously picking it up to check my Facebook or work emails fifteen times a day, I could use it to catch up on listening to spiritual lectures, reading inspiring books, and listening to meditations. Instead of dreading my text messages because I've historically hated text messaging, I could use it as an extension of my ability to connect more deeply with others.

When I drive to a new place, I can appreciate that my cell phone gives me accurate directions and that I don't have to print off MapQuest directions like I did in my early 20s or constantly pull over to read a map (although I still love my atlas)

I have found that my awareness of my cell phone use can be the difference between feeling overstimulation, or feeling self-connected and aligned.

I'm grateful that my work with my client on work-life balance has given me the privilege to explore my consciousness around my cell phone use. I have hundreds of micro choices in a given day to use it in my service, or to my detriment, and that feels very freeing to me.

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